My favourite posts

If you’ve just stumbled on my blog, then ‘Welcome’, it’s really nice to have you here. It can be hard to get a feel for a blog, so here are my favourite posts that I’ve written, to give you an idea of what you’ve let yourself in for.

Most of these posts are California-based as we only moved back to the UK in August 2017. I hope to update this page fairly frequently as we build our new lives in Wiltshire.

me kaiser

A Year on the Run 








About Me – Let me introduce myself

My Bay Area recommendations – The advice I give my friends about planning a trip here!

100 things I love about the Bay Area – A great resource for staying longer!

15 reasons to run the Kaiser Half – Just in case you’re thinking about it.

1200 Miles Across Europe – The time we went cycling for a month!

What to Expect When You’re Trail-ing – Get ready for your first trail race!

10 Ways Not To Get Bored When You’re Running – Loads of ideas to keep you motivated.

On giving up sugar – My experience

My Top Ten (twelve) races – So many happy memories

Camping on Angel Island – my favourite camping trip ever

My Heart – What exactly is my problem?

The Beauty of Scars – Why we should learn to love our flaws

A Runner’s Guide to San Francisco – A great resource for planning your trip.

In case you’re hungry:

Flapjack – the classic British oat-bar

Kind of Crumble – my favourite food in the entire world

Mushroom Burgers – so good you might not realise they’re vegetarian

Enjoy 😉

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