May running


May was an absolute cracker of a month for running, I loved it so much. This was mainly due to the splendiferous weather that we enjoyed for most of the month. After a long, tough, miserable winter, May was a blaze of sunshine and gloriousness, and it made running absolutely blissful. All the flowers came out – every week, something new blossomed and looked gorgeous. I loved every single run! I actually think May might be my new favourite month!


May’s race was the gorgeous Harewood Forest 10k which I did on a whim and really loved!!



At the start of the month, I volunteered at the ultra that my running club put on every year, the Marlborough Downs Challenge.  I was on an aid station at Mile 2 so everyone was fresh and perky when they arrived. I’d been determined to bring the spirit of Western States to this little Wiltshire race, so I brought cowbells and home-made cookies, a specially made playlist and iPhone speakers to the aid station and I think everyone enjoyed the energy, except for the teenage girl also helping out who looked at me with a mix of horror and curiosity!


After leaving our aid station, racers ran through the West Woods, which were an absolute blanket of bluebells for the first few weeks of May. I ran through the woods later that morning, collecting up the directional signs for the race and it was sheer bliss. The air smelt of flowers, it was beautiful and everyone was genuinely just glad to be alive in this beautiful place.



I notched up 148 miles last month. Part of me wanted to make it a round 150 but nope, wasn’t going to happen! There were some gorgeous runs in those 148 miles.

There was a 6am jaunt through the bluebells with Nicola which might be one of the happiest runs of my life.


There was the running club jaunt across the downs at sunset to Avebury where some people had left cars beforehand, so we ate at the lovely pub and got home late.


There was a new route for my long runs which I really enjoyed.


I had a blissful sunny trail run on a day when I had zero inclination to run, and it ended up being an absolute beaut!




And then, one Saturday, I hosted the MRC Saturday Run. I planned a route with various short-cuts so people had options. We were a small group as it was Half-Term but we had a load of fun, covering some miles and then coming back for coffee, croissants and bacon sarnies for the carnivores.


And May ended with that fantastic run round London with Lisa.



Amidst the ‘fun’ running there was some solid training, with two harder sessions each week. These were mainly interval sessions based on effort, as the hills around here make training by pace quite tricky. There was a tempo-ish run. There were 14-and-15-mile long runs. It was pretty structured and solid.

And I climbed a big hill…


And finally…

In May, we finally made good on a two-year promise to the Dude and we got that kitten we earned when the Husband did Ironman Vineman! Shadow Squeaky Ramsden came into our lives a few weeks ago and is the most adorable agent of chaos ever. He has turned the household upside down, my beloved Charlie is furious about the whole thing. But when he gets tired and comes to snuggle, pushing his tiny black head under my chin and purring that enormous purr, I melt into a pile of goo.


Exciting News

This month, I found out that Marlborough is finally getting its own parkrun…and I immediately volunteered to be on the core team despite the fact I will have no free time as of September! This is such a good thing for our lovely little town. I cannot wait to help make this happen.

June Forecast

I have two races in June – a Half-Marathon coming up soon and a 10k at the end of the month. I have to admit, I don’t feel like I’m going to smash my HM goal or even get close to it, but hopefully the hard work will pay off with a result I’m happy with at least.

But May was a good’un.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ErinAMG says:

    Looks like a great month! And so cool that you’ll be helping to steer the ship for your town’s new parkrun. Good job 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yes, I’m so excited about that!

  2. bt says:

    Coming to do your parkrun is now on my bucket list!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I shall make up the spare bed in September for you xx

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