Annecy HM Training: Wk 11

The winter in this country has been endless. It was fun until Christmas but January to March has been dismal. January was grey and deathly. February promised spring but March was a mess of snow, more snow and now endless rain! It’s all been a bit depressing. I haven’t seen my arms and legs for months! I’m craving the feeling of the sun on my face.

So I booked some flights. Next week, the Dude and I are heading over to Valencia in Spain for a few days. The poor Husband can’t get time off his new job, so we are abandoning him and heading for the sun. I have to admit it…I can’t wait! The Husband has been very noble about it 🙂

But anyway. In the meantime, there was running this week.

Monday: Hills

My plan was to do my long run as usual on Monday morning but within half a mile of setting off, I knew that was unwise. I’d run a 5k on Saturday without warming up (idiot!) and I’d pulled a muscle. That muscle was still hurting. I dithered for a several minutes about whether or not to continue as planned, but in the end I decided to switch things around and run hill repeats. If things hurt, I could be home within five minutes. In the end, nothing hurt too badly so I did my regular set of Kenyan Hills with a nice cool down.  7 miles @ 10.51.

wiltshire overton hills
My Hill-Repeat Hill is not ugly

Wednesday: Easy trails with Nicola

Wednesday morning, the rain was torrential but I never turn down a chance to run with my new running buddy so we set out for three easy trail miles. Within minutes we were soaked. Within half a mile, our feet were so wet we gave up trying to dodge puddles. After a mile, we were just laughing uncontrollably at how wet we were! It was one of those brilliant, silly runs that give a massive endorphin buzz. 3 miles @  11.31

mud winter wiltshire trails

me mud wiltshire winter

Thursday: Trails!

I’d hoped to go to Run Club on Wednesday night but had to miss it for family reasons, so I took myself out for a run today instead. I headed over to the West Woods to see if there was any glimpse of bluebells. No there weren’t, but I had the loveliest run amongst the bare trees. Usually I’m very wary of running alone in the woods but for some reason I felt very comfortable today and loved every minute. 6.2 miles @ 10.05

Not even a flicker of spring

Friday: Long run

I was out the door at 6.30 am to get my long run in before we headed up to the East Coast to spend Easter with the Husband’s family. It threatened to rain the whole time, but only drizzled a little on and off, so I got those miles in. 15 miles @ 10.25. 

Sunday: Mid-paced run

The Easter weekend was grim, weather-wise. It rained pretty much incessantly which limited the amount of outside time we could have. However when I snuck out on Easter morning, there was a miraculous hour of dryness and lack of wind. The plan was to warm up for a few miles and then do six miles at 9.20 pace. In the end, I managed all the miles at well below that pace – Skegness is delightfully flat after months in hilly Marlborough and whilst I can’t say the miles were easy, they were definitely easier than they would have been locally. It was quite fun! 8 miles @ 9.11.

Grand Total: 39.3 miles. Highest mileage ever!

Naval Gazing: 

There was a lot to be happy with this week. I got all my runs in at all the required paces. In fact, my March mileage was 149 miles – my highest mileage ever, roughly 30 miles more than my previous highest miles. Given that I ran them happily and without injury, I’m really happy about that.

I still don’t feel ‘racy’. Sunday’s flat miles definitely felt easier but they weren’t ‘easy’. I have no idea how these bonus miles will translate into race speed, but I shall continue to do the work!

In terms of eating healthily, the week started well but tailed off during the rain-soaked weekend. This was kind of inevitable but I’m ready to get back at it this week.

So this week’s plan:

  • Run all the miles.
  • Do all the stretching.
  • Eat all the nutrients.
  • Drink all the water.

On Sunday, I have a tune-up 10-mile race in Salisbury – my home city of new Russian Spy Poisoning fame! I’m looking forward to running it hard and seeing what happens!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. GCA says:

    Nice work on the mileage! And all the muddy trails!
    Weather-wise, I completely feel you! It’s been terribly dreary here as well, this is the Winter That Will Not End. We had our last big snowstorm in mid-March, then it snowed (!?!?!) on Easter Monday (great) and there was FREEZING RAIN last night (perfect).
    Enjoy Valencia!! I’ve been daydreaming about a holiday somewhere warm and sunny, but we definitely can’t afford a holiday this year…

    1. Cathryn says:

      This winter has been horrible. Everyone is saying so, not just freshly repatriated Californians!! I’m so excited to feel the sunshine on my skin next week. Hang in there, lady. xxx

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