Annecy HM Training: Wk 10

This week’s training was sponsored by PMT/PMS. That was fun for all of us! Just ask my husband.

Monday: Easy run

I had such great plans for Monday. I was heading up to Oxford and I was going to do a track workout on the very track where Sir Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile. I hoped to break the 8 minute mile. But alas we were once again whacked over the head by a snowstorm and my Oxford plans got cancelled. I was also convinced I was getting a cold, so I replaced Chariots of Fire speedwork with a steady 10k on the treadmill with the final Harry Potter movie as company.  6.2 miles @ 10.14.

snow wiltshire
Pretty, but rubbish.

Tuesday: Easy run

Three miles at sunset. This was supposed to be slow and easy but it felt like such hard work and it threw me into despair. This resulted in angsty WhatsApping with my Cat Ladies about a) how I’ll never get fast again b) how I’m working so hard and seeing no progress c) how I’m generally rubbish. My poor transatlantic running buddies calmed me down, spoke sense, reminded me that I was basically jam-packed with hormones at that very point and how everything would be better in the morning. 3 miles @ 10.08

Wednesday: Long run

Everything was miraculously better. I kid you not. The weather was beautiful – the perfect mix of winter-warm sunshine and spring-cool temperatures. My 15 miles split into 3 loops of 5 miles and my lovely running buddy Nicola joined me for the first one. We haven’t seen each other for weeks and it was so very good to catch up. Those miles flew by.

snow wiltshire sunshine wiltshire
I needed these blue skies so much!
wiltshire sunshine spring
So flipping pretty!

My goal was to run the middle loop a little faster, but on the day, I didn’t have any extra pep so I just kept working along steadily, powered by podcasts (C Tolle Run is highly entertaining) and a Gu at Mile 10. Stopping my watch at the end, I hoped to see an average pace of 10.20 – 10.30 and I squealed out loud when I saw I’d done the miles at 10.00. I can see steady progress in the pace of my long run over the past four weeks and that was the encouragement I needed. 15 miles @ 10.00

Thursday/Friday: Rest Days

I hadn’t had two consecutive rest days for several weeks and I relished these. I had some aches post Long Run on Thursday but by Friday they were done. Delicious.

Saturday: 5k race

I’ll blog about this in more detail in the week but I ran Bushy Park parkrun as a time trial. I wanted to see what I could do, so that I can start working on realistic goals for Annecy next month. Yes, crushing my 1.49 goal would be lovely but it’s not likely at the moment and, as Nicola wisely said, I need to set myself up for success on my first trip to my dream town!

I ran my socks off at Bushy Park. I didn’t check my watch once, I just ran and ran, repeating Desi Linden’s mantra of ‘Stay on it’ all the time. I was utterly convinced I was going to PR the whole time, so when I saw my finish time of 25.40 I was a bit annoyed. I thought I’d been faster. But it’s really good to have a measure of where I am right now. 3.1 miles @ 8.14.

debs jude parkrun bushy me
Parkrun + Bridesmaids = Happiness

Sunday: Rest Day

Grand Total: 27.3 miles

Naval Gazing

This was an interesting week. I missed one speed session, which I kind of regret but there was good progress. An unintentionally faster long run and a solid time-trial that gives me some data to work with. The additional rest day did me a lot of good mentally and I don’t think that scaling back my mileage for a week did me any harm at all. I feel raring to put in a good week of training in the forthcoming week.

Clearly this magical emotional turnaround has nothing to do with my hormone cycle. Ugh….being a girl stinks sometimes!

This week’s plans

I have a lot of thoughts for this coming week.

  • Build the miles back up.
  • Hit all the sessions and all the paces.
  • Talk to my coach about realistic goals for Annecy.
  • Start to think about the Salisbury 10-miler on April 8th and what might be achievable there.

Nutrition and hydration

When I was thinking about my performance at parkrun, the one frustration I had with myself is about my eating. I tend to either have excellent self control with food or NO self control…and it’s been the latter for several weeks now. As such, I’ve put on several pounds and I feel heavy and unwieldy.

I have four weeks till the race and I am determined to eat the very best I can until then. I will pack in as many nutrients as I can. I’ll look at portion size. I’ll limit (not cut out) sugar and cakes. I’m going to aim for 1.5 litres of water a day. I just want to eat as best I can for four weeks.


I know weight is a delicate matter but I know that my eating habits affected my running on Saturday and I do NOT want to get to Annecy feeling heavy and unwieldy and like I haven’t done everything I could do be ready. I don’t want my lack of self-control around food to undermine all the hard work I’ve done in training. That would be such a shame.

Okay. I’m ready to train. I’m ready to eat like an athlete. Let’s go.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Good luck with the healthy eating. It definitely helps to fuel with good nutritious food- even if the weight doesn’t melt off, you’ll be a better runner for it. I’ve been so bad at managing what I eat…maybe you’ll inspire me to eat better as well?!

    1. Cathryn says:

      My fridge is currently stocked with all the fruits and vegetables and I’m ignoring the easter eggs in the cupboard 🙂

  2. GCA says:

    It’s amazing how much impact the hormonal cycle has!! I feel worst the week before my period, and then much better once it starts. (Also, don’t discount the effect of hormones on how ‘heavy’ or bloated you feel…there’s that too!)
    And good luck with the nutrition – think about ‘paying yourself first’ in terms of getting the highest-quality fuel into yourself before anything else… and then if you’re still peckish, go ahead and have the anything else – I think sometimes a craving really is your body telling you what it needs!

    1. Cathryn says:

      YES!!! Hormones stink. My period is due a few days before Annecy, I hope it comes early and I get that amazing surge that follows!

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