Annecy HM Training: Wk 8

This week will go down as The Week of Heavy Legs!  No idea why but they were super-heavy for pretty much every single run this week. I’ve had two really good weeks of training and somehow I often find that week 3 becomes a bit of a slogfest. I’m hoping that in the next week or two I’ll push through and get my Bambi limbs back again!*

* figuratively speaking of course. I will never have Bambi limbs.

Anyway, despite my lead legs, the week went pretty decently.

Monday: Long Run

My long runs have settled at 15 miles – my coach’s training plan had them increasing to 17 miles but due to my heart condition, we agreed that 15 would be a safer limit. Last week’s 15 miler felt as effortless as it could do – this week felt much harder. It could have been due to the speed workout the day before. It could have been due to the roads being somewhat snowy (I had to run along a field at one point where a lane was entirely snow-blocked). I don’t know…but it just felt like more of a slogfest this week. Nevertheless, I persisted. 15 miles @ 10.34.
file (2)

Tuesday: Recovery run

I usually do this on the treadmill but instead I snuck outside at dusk for three lovely miles as the sky grew dark. Again, my legs felt way too heavy for the speed I was doing.   3 miles @11.06.

Wednesday: Run Club

The Husband was away with work this week and I didn’t think I’d be able to go to Run Club but they very kindly allowed me to bring the Dude with me on the clear understanding that we weren’t actually running ‘with’ them, due to insurance purposes. So the Dude and I rocked up, all decked out in hi-viz, and we ‘just happened to run the same route as they did’ for a while. In all seriousness, it was really special running with the Dude again, we haven’t run together for months. I assumed we’d do one or two miles but he casually, pretty effortlessly, knocked out 5k. I really enjoyed this little run. 3 miles @ 11.25

Thursday: Kenyan Hills

Hills Day! This was a mixed bag. I warmed up with an easy 2 miles but from the start my legs felt super-heavy and sluggish. Once I’d made it to my favourite Hill-Repeat Hill, my plan called for 3 x 3 minutes up and down a hill at 10k effort. Then I rested two minutes and repeated the whole thing again, so I had six lots of intervals. My repeats got slower and slower but I churned the beasts out and set off for a slow 3 mile cool down/recovery. Those three miles were dreadful – I’ve never felt so sluggish in my entire life! Overall, 7 miles @ 10.43.

Friday:  Rest Day! Phew

Saturday Run 1: Parkrun

This week was my friend Nicola’s birthday so we met in the light drizzle for a birthday parkrun. The goal was to run it at chatting speed which was just as well because the field portion of the route was an absolute mud-bath and I couldn’t have run fast to have saved my life. 3.1 miles @ 10.04.


Followed by cake…


Followed by…

Saturday Run 2: Speedwork

After an easy mile warm up, I ran 5 intervals of 3 miles on the flattest stretch of paved road I can find round here, which isn’t actually flat. Most intervals lately have been on the rolling roads around here so I was curious to see how fast these intervals would be. They turned out to be ‘okay’. Some were around 8.00-8.10, but the last one was 8.33 which was frankly disappointing to me. Oh well. 4.5 miles @ 9.26 average.

Weekly Total: 35.7 miles

Naval Gazing

The over-riding feeling this week was one of heavy legs and feeling slower overall. However I’m not overly concerned about this. I’ve had two great weeks of training and, as I said,  I’ve noticed in the past that the third week of a training plan often feels grim, so I just think I need to push through. My spirits are high, I just need to funnel those spirits down to my legs. I’m hoping to get myself a sports massage this week…that might help!

Annecy is now 6 weeks away and I found a lovely little video about the 2017 race which makes the whole event look INCREDIBLE. I cannot wait to run there – no matter how the race turns out, the places looks wonderful. I also found some pictures of the 2016 race where the weather was vastly different…that looks less attractive. But on the whole, I’m super stoked to finally visit my dream town and to run along that gorgeous lake!

Six more weeks to go…let’s press on!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Grace says:

    So excited for you! Hope the weather holds and you have a lovely trip.

  2. Jen says:

    Two words: cumulative fatigue. You’ve been kicking a%# (arse, lol) and your legs are bound to feel it. Just looking at your long run progression over the past few weeks is a good sign that you’re getting fit!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I think so. I hope so. Thanks for the encouragement.

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