Annecy HM training: Wk 7

Aka….Running through The Beast from the East

For those of you who don’t live in the UK, this week saw the worst winter storm here for 30 years! It was pretty spectacular. I mean, not Minnesota spectacular or Vermont spectacular but temperatures were well below freezing the whole week and we got LOTS of snow. The whole country ground to a halt – we just don’t have the infrastructure to handle it.

This is the lane up the hill out the village. The hedges are 6 ft high. It will be impassable for a week!

This was the week where I was truly grateful for the treadmill the Husband and I bought each other for Christmas. Since its arrival, I’ve used it once a week at least – I would always prefer to run outside if possible, but it’s been really useful on days when life gets busy. This week however, it was invaluable.

Crazy snowdrifts!

I came off a great week’s training last week feeling really good both physically and mentally. I wanted another great week…and I got one!

Monday: Long Run

The Beast from the East was due to hit on Wednesday so I took advantage of Monday’s decent forecast and got my long run in. It was very cold, hovering at freezing, and flurries of snowflakes fell ever now and again but I really enjoyed it. Again, the Husband joined me for the first four miles and then I run the remaining 11 steadily and carefully. I’ve found that being really conservative with pacing and taking a gel when I get to Manton (M10 this week) has made for great runs. I got back buzzing. Last week I ran 14 miles @ 10.48, this week I ran 15 miles @ 10.23 and I felt good!

Tuesday: Recovery run

Easy 3 miles on Tuesday evening on the treadmill watching the new series of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy which Jen recommended and which I have thoroughly enjoyed. 3 miles @ 11.32

Wednesday: Run Club  Rest Day

Run Club got cancelled. The forecast was -4 C  with a bitter wind so it was wisely called off.

Thursday: Intervals

Snowmageddon. The Dude’s school closed for the day. The snow fell steadily and it was below freezing all day. So I turned to the treadmill, warmed up for 15 and then ran 6 x 3 mins @ 8.00 apart from the last interval where I was crying so hard at Queer Eye that I couldn’t breathe and had to stop after 2 minutes. Cooled down for 15 minutes.

Totally got the Husband to take this

Friday: Easy Run

No school again for the Dude so lots of family time. This run replaced Run Club – a very easy 5.5 miles on the treadmill @ 10.00

The Wights are coming

Saturday: Rest

I was supposed to do my progression run today but the roads were covered in snow and were quite lethal. However the forecast was of a fairly rapid thaw so I delayed the run for 24 hours and spent the time digging an igloo in the 6 foot snowdrifts on the lane out of the village with my boys.



Sunday: Progression Run

I thoroughly enjoyed running this last week and this week was the same, especially as it was a balmy 7 degrees, the roads were thoroughly thawed and it was so flipping good to be running outside again. The goal was: 2 miles @ 11.00, 4 miles @ 9.20 and one final mile @ balls to the wall. I ended up running them all much faster, with the final mile at 8.19. In total, 7 miles @ 9.16.

file (2)

I was really pleased with how this went – I felt comfortable throughout! The lanes I use for this run are relatively flat although there are several ups and downs. I don’t know how it would compare to a flat lakeside path like the one in Annecy but I was thrilled to run 7 miles @9.16 whereas I ran them @9.21 last week.

Total weekly miles: 36.6

Naval Gazing

This was another really good training week. I feel like I’m on a total roll and have signed up with my coach for another three months, which will take me to Annecy and beyond. I’m really enjoying running and training. Getting my long run in early each week has been a game-changer and something I hope to continue wherever possible. So in general, this is going really well.

Life updates :)

It’s been a BIG week for TeamRamsden. The Husband has accepted a job with a big UK outdoors retailer (a bit like REI but not quite as heavenly) and he starts on Monday. We are really excited about it. He’s excited about the job, I am excited about the discount 🙂 This company also own a running chain, a cycling chain and a skiing chain so basically it’s all our favourite things. Good luck, Husband.


And me? I accepted a place at Bath Spa University starting in September to train to teach primary school (Elementary/Kindergarten for US readers). I’m half- thrilled and half- terrified, primarily about how I will handle the enormous workload and make it as easy as possible on the Dude, who will definitely be affected. Realistically, September ’18 – July ’19 will involve a big step back in my running – I already have ideas about how I’m going to handle that – which means that I need to get my 1.49 HM goal by the end of August! That’s really focussed my mind!

So here we go into Week 8. It’s 7 weeks until Annecy and I’m ready to work hard.

Climbing into a snow tunnel

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Ah, that Queer Eye always sneaks up on you with the tear-jerking moments! But that’s why it’s so good! Anyway – yay for being on a roll, especially getting so many miles churned out on the treadmill. And congrats on Bath. Why is it called Bath Spa? Is there a spa? 😉

    1. Cathryn says:

      There’s a hot springs there which became a famous Roman baths and then, in Jane Austen’s day, a famous spa town.

  2. ErinAMG says:

    Awesome week of training (that snow! Wow!) and major congrats to Team Ramsden on all the life stuff. That’s wonderful!

  3. bt says:

    I love this post. Love how you show the snow. Love how you’re continuing the training despite it. Love the treadmill. Love the igloo. Just nothing but love.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thank you, lovely girl. Miss you xx

  4. RoadBunner says:

    Nice job getting the runs completed. I haven’t run in the snow in forever and miss it terribly. Queer Eye makes me cry so hard every time! Congratulations on all the big life events, too! Exciting!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thank you! I’m excited and daunted all at once!

  5. Congrats to the Husband and to you!! TeamRamsden for the win 😉

    1. Cathryn says:

      I miss you!!! I’ll be back on Insta in a few weeks (Easter) and I’m looking forward to seeing your face again xxx

      1. I’ll be happy to see you back too. I know social media can be a very bad habit but it has some perks too. I would have never met you and your lovely family without all of this! Bisous de Californie 🙂

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