Annecy HM training: Wks 5 & 6

These past two weeks’ training have been chalk and cheese! I prefer cheese.

To recap, weeks 1 and 2 of training went really well. Week 3 went pretty decently until I got sick. Week 4 was a wash out. So my goal for week 5 was to repeat the training plan for  week 4 and actually complete it. I planned it into my diary, I was feeling better, I was ready to roll.

Week 5

Unfortunately (for my training) it was Half Term (Spring Break) and that threw addioinal obstacles into the mix. I had more family time which is gorgeous, but meant I felt guilty for leaving my people whilst I trained. We were travelling in Cornwall, which meant I didn’t know good routes to train on – this isn’t a problem if I simply wanted to run 4 miles but if I wanted to run 4 miles ‘at speed’, I needed to know where to run. And the weather wasn’t ideal – cold, dark and wet first thing in the morning when I was due to run. All excuses, I know. But reasons nonetheless. In the end, week 5 looked like:

Tuesday: 3 miles easy in Penzance.


Wednesday: Hills

3 miles easy in the torrential rain and howling wind followed by 4 repeats of 3 minutes up and down a 100m hill, the so-called Kenyan Hill workout. I actually enjoyed the hillwork. It kept me warm! And I always feel badass running in the rain.

Friday: 3 mile treadmill disaster

Oh this was fun. My goal was to warm up, then do 6 repeats of 3 minutes fast with 3 minutes recovery. It started well. But on the second speed repeat, the speed button on the treadmill jammed. I started ramping up the pace and when I hit my goal speed and stopped pressing, it just kept going. Faster and faster and faster. My short legs started running faster and faster and I started panicking I’d fly off the back and die so I had to pull the emergency cord. I calmed down, then tried it again and it happened a second time, so I climbed off the Treadmill of Doom and counted my blessings I was still alive.

Sunday: 5 miles easy

I was a bit dejected at this point, so I settled for a gentle loop around the local villages to put this dismal week to bed.


 Week 6

This week HAD to go well.  It just had to. I had to nail 100% of my training and I had to work my socks off. And reader…I crushed it.

Monday: Long run

I loved starting my week with my long run. It took such pressure off for the rest of the week! The goal was 14 miles @11.00. I intended to run the whole thing at a very easy pace so I didn’t fall apart. I ran the first 4 with the Husband, then he headed back home and I kept on running. It went surprisingly well. I took a gel at mile 9 and felt genuinely decent right to the end. 14.3 miles @ 10.47.

Tuesday: Recovery. Easy 3 miles on the treadmill whilst watching the new Billy Yang movie about Leadville. 

Wednesday: Run Club.

Nope. I didn’t make MRC this week because my interview at Bath Spa University for a PGCE (a post-grad teacher training course) went on forever and I didn’t get home in time. And I was exhausted from the day.

Thursday: Intervals

It was a gorgeous sunny winter’s day. Late afternoon, the sun was starting to go down. I did a 15 minute warm up and then 6 x 3 minutes fast, 3 minutes recovery. I didn’t time my intervals because there are significant hills on my only running road route so I ran it to feel and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, to the point I ended up doing a bonus 3-minutes-fast. 6.4m @9.14.


Friday: Recovery run.

This replaced the missed Running Club. 4 easy miles in the early morning. Freezing cold, deep frost, bright sunshine. I was so happy.

Saturday: Progression run

This was so much fun. My goal was 3 miles @ 11.00, 3 @ 9.20 and 1 @ Balls to the Wall. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole run and blitzed my last mile in 8.16 so I was thrilled. The cold didn’t bother me anyway.


The Naval Gazing bit

I honestly am buzzing from this week’s training – I really needed it after a couple of mediocre/rubbish weeks. I’m excited for this next week’s training despite the massive Winter storm about to blow into the UK. I’m going to get my long run in tomorrow (Monday) and then anything else can technically be done on my newly fixed treadmill if necessary!

I do need to crack down on the healthy eating. I was doing so well…and then there was wine and cake and carbs 🙂 Just a little more balance, eh?

I have some big decisions to make this week about whether or not to do this PGCE. There are definite pros and definite cons, it’s not a simple decision. Luckily I have a lot of miles to run this week so plenty of thinking time!

Okay, let’s do this. I have 8 weeks until Annecy.

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