Annecy HM Training: Week 2

This past week was a BIG running week for me – I notched up 35 miles and ran for six days on the trot. The six-day thing was unintentional (and not in my training plan at all) but I got the chance to run with a new running buddy and I couldn’t turn that down! Je ne regrette rien!

Anyway, this week went down like this!

MondayEasy Run

I’d run hill repeats the previous day (Sunday) and expected a gentle jog at Improvers’ Group at Running Club but…we did hill repeats there too. A gentle mile warm-up, 8 x 1 minute repeats up a surprisingly steep hill and then a gentle mile back. Hill repeats are much more fun in a group.

TuesdayMid-paced run

My plan called for 6 miles at 9.20. I could do this – I’d done six miles at 8.56 the week before. However I ended up doing this on the treadmill in the evening and it was a DEATH MARCH after mile 2. It wasn’t the running that was hard, it was the mental game. I nearly bailed on this about six times but stuck it out. No half-marathon can be mentally tougher than this workout.

Gratuitous shot of Charlie and his new evening habit of drinking water out of a glass. He initially wanted my wine so I had to find a suitable alternative.

WednesdayRun Club

This week’s MRC was a lovely out-and-back along dark country lanes. I’m not sure if there was a specific training purpose to the club run but I ran happily with a couple of  friends and had an awesome time.


A few weeks ago, I contacted a random internet stranger, a local runner I’d been following on Instagram, and asked if she fancied running with me. I knew she was a member of my running club although we run on different days, so she could always ask people and get confirmation I wasn’t a TOTAL wierdo. Anyway, we went out for a lovely five miles of trails and chatting. We had so much fun and got on really well. The highlight was when I ran through some mud, totally lost my shoe and my poor new buddy needed to fish it out for me! There was a lot of giggling. This was the highlight of my running week.

All I ask these days is blue skies

FridayLong Run

This week’s long run plan was 12 miles. My legs were really rather tired after the past six days’ running and this was a bit of a slog. My fault. Got to be honest, I was really glad to get home. Six days is too many! Had a long hot bath to sooth my poor tired legs.

SaturdayRest Day

Never has a rest day felt so good. All the niggles and aches disappeared. One of my bridesmaids came to stay and we took her to the village pantomime. OH yes we did!

Yay, wedding photo! It was the bridesmaid on the right that came to stay 🙂


My training plan called for six miles with as many hills as I could squeeze into the route. I was to push hard up the hills and recover on the downhills and flats. But alas my poor stomach was all over the place. I dragged my sorry self limply up one hill and went home after 3 miles to use the facilities. I then got on the treadmill to run a mile at a big incline..but my stomach rebelled again and I gave it up as a bad lot.

SF Half Loos
I would like my local lanes to be regularly studded with these babies!

This week’s mileage – 35!

Rest Days – I know lots of people run for six consecutive days on a regular basis but this was the first time I’d ever done it. My legs held up surprisingly well, although they were clearly knackered by the final day. What I found harder was the ‘joy’ aspect of it. I love running, I love training towards a goal, but by the final couple of days, I had little appetite to run! And I relished Saturday’s rest day much more than I usually do. So I’ll be sure to get at least two rest days each week in the future!

TLC  – I’m notoriously awful at foam rolling and taking care of my quietly aging body but running so much this week definitely made me aware of needing to be a little more proactive. I don’t like foam rolling but I do love my Stick so I sticked (stuck?) my legs pretty much every day. I also took two hot baths – the first baths I’d taken since we moved into our house in October. (I shower, honest!). It was surprisingly lovely and I actually think it helped my legs not ache so much. So I hereby commit to ‘sticking’ and hot baths for this training cycle!

Okay, week 3. Let’s do this!

(PS…sorry for the somewhat tenuous photos this week. The grey skies were totally depressing. I will try harder on my photos this coming week!)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    6 running days! 35 miles! Good on you. I max out at 5 days/week.

    1. Cathryn says:

      The mileage was okay, but the 6 day thing was too much. I’m a 5 x weekly girl too!!

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