Running in November

November was a good month. When I wrote my October Running post, I was a bit sad,  I was a bit lonely and I was finding the whole ‘New UK Life’ thing a bit tricky. I am honestly astounded at how different I feel at the end of November and how much progress my family and I have made in establishing ourselves in our new lives. We still have a long way to go, but we are all so much happier!

Let’s look at those November goals and see how they went.

100 miles as a distance goal. Bonus points if I make 120.       ✅ Nailed it!

118 miles in my running shoes and the last week was a grand total of 38 miles – my biggest weekly (and monthly) total of 2017. I got some good running in this month! November also saw me hit 1000 miles in 2017, which was a big milestone. Usually I will have run a little further, but 2017 has been unique and I’ll be pleased to hit 1100 by the end of the year.

me wilts

Race the Avebury 8 the best I can on the day. ✅ Kind of nailed it.

I did run it as best I could on the day but if I had run slightly less distance that week and hadn’t trashed my legs with three hilly run sessions, I probably could have done it better. But yep, I hit this goal.


Run with the Marlborough Running Club every week I’m healthy.  ✅ Nailed it.

I only made 3 of the 5 possible Wednesdays but I missed those two weeks for valid reasons. Joining the MRC was the best thing I did in November. People are really friendly, I’ve found some really nice girls to run with and I have genuinely loved every week I’ve attended. I’m SO excited to have joined a running club.

MRC Steph Ali night headtorch me
This week’s fantastic street-orienteering!

Do one parkrun.  ✅ Yep.

Last weekend, I ran Swindon parkrun in temperatures that hovered around the freezing point.  I’m unconvinced that driving half an hour each way and paying 2 quid parking in order to slowly jog a 5k the day before my goal race was entirely worth it, but I really like what parkrun is doing and I want to support it, so I was really pleased I went.

parkrun me swindon
Deeply flattering shot.

Get back to my happy weight – ❎ So close.

At several points this month I was just a pound away….but then I fell off the wagon a few days ago. I shall persist here, I think I’m making some progress.

Do four speedwork sessions and four hill sessions. ❎ Nope.

I did a lot of hill running generally (it’s hilly where I live) and two hill-repeat sessions but no specific speedwork. I do find I’m running faster at Running Club as the people I’m running with are slightly faster than me, so I’m working to keep up.✅


Run one new trail route – ✅✅ ✅ Nailed this.

I ran so many new routes this month, either alone, with visiting friends or with the husband. It was great. Loved it. So many more routes to explore.

wilts autumn

Do three gym classes at the local leisure centre. ❎ Ha. No.

There was no cross-training. There never is. It’s so dull.

Invite one new person to run with me.  ✅ YES!

I worked SO hard at this. I joined a local Facebook running group for women and shamelessly asked if anyone would run with me. As a result,  I got to run on two occasions with some lovely women. It was so good to meet them, run with them and explore new parts of Wiltshire. I’m grateful for their welcome.I’ve also made some new friends from Run Club and I’m confident that I’ll get to run with them in December. I shall keep putting myself out there.

lilly me
The awesome L wrangled a stroller, a preschooler, two dogs and an internet stranger!

Sign up for a December race to keep me motivated. ✅ Well, yes and no.

There are very few December races and they’ve often been full or have been very expensive Santa runs. However I have signed up for two races in 2018…the Rough n Tumble 10 in January which looks like a murderous 10-miler of trail-running brutality and the Wiltshire 10 in February, a fast road race which I want to train for and smash!

So all in’s been pretty fantastic. What about December?

December Goals

Well the exciting thing is that I’ve signed up for an online coaching programme with the goal of smashing the Wiltshire 10 Miler in February! I briefly used RunCoach in the US before stopping it because I got sick but I’m keen to use a UK-based service. I found Train As One via some runners I started following on Twitter – it seems like a good programme that has helped people achieve good things. They have a nice online community thing going on too, which I really like and need at the moment. I started training yesterday and I’m really excited about it.

So in brief, my December running goals are:

  • Run 100 miles
  • Follow my new training plan as closely as I can
  • Do one parkrun
  • Do two cross-training sessions per week, even if it’s from the comfort of my living room.
  • Run with the Marlborough Running Club every possible week.
  • Run with other people as much as possible and invite one new person to run with me.
  •  End the month at the same weight I go into it…or less!

Okay people, it’s December. Let’s do this. Let’s start training for the Wiltshire 10!

wiltshire marlborough cold winter






6 Comments Add yours

  1. Yay for new (running) friends! It’s amazing how much things can change in a few short weeks.

    1. Cathryn says:

      It really is. Still such a long way to go but really encouraged by how far we’ve come.

  2. NicJ says:

    Never had any doubts you’d soon start to gather your new tribe around you!! It took a good 6-12 months and some joining of random village groups to get a gaggle of friends and acquaintances here in Dibley… 🙂
    Here’s to more crushing of targets (and plenty of mulled wine) for Dec!
    My planned new years resolution – run more with friends! Although not in 10m hell events…. 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      Come…….run….with……. xxx

      1. NicJ says:

        I’m there!!! With the caveat of not in events to which the words: rough, Spartan, tough, hell, nasty, killer or demon feature!! 😁 xx

      2. Cathryn says:

        Oh heck no to the Spartan thing.

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