An ode to your running buddies

One of the hashtags I used for our move from California to Wiltshire was #movingishard. And it IS hard. It was hard to say goodbye to all our much-loved friends in the Bay Area. It was hard to see my cat fly back to the UK alone for a few months. It was hard waiting nearly two months to get into our house, once we were back here. So I kind of assumed that once we moved INTO the house, we’d be fine.

Charlie is fine. He’s loving it here.


And we are fine, in so many ways. We LOVE our house. We love the area and its beautiful countryside. We love the Dude’s school. We love our friends coming to visit and our parents popping by or coming to stay. Two of my besties came to visit this week and it was so flipping good to be with people that know me well. There is so much that we love here. I don’t think any of us actually want to move back to the Bay Area. This is where we are now and we’re happy to be here.

debs jude friends
Two of my bridesmaids came to visit this week 🙂


But it would be dishonest to not acknowledge that moving IS hard and I’ve found these past few days quite tough. We visited a potential church and, although it’s great and we’ll probably end up there, it’s very different to the wonderful church we had in the Bay Area. The countryside here is beautiful but every time I see an IG photo of Tahoe or Marin, I sigh a little. I was hoping that this Monday, just passed, would be the official ‘Launch Date’ of our new lives – we’ve started joining clubs – but I got a vomity bug on Sunday night and have spent the past two days feeling pretty ropey actually. I don’t think I’ll make running club tomorrow. Another delay in ‘cracking on’.

There’s a danger I’m sounding miserable and depressed – I’m honestly not, I’m fine (apart from my bug which is making me mopey). But simply put…I miss friends. I miss running friends in particular. I KNOW it will take a good few months to find friends and probably a year to build a significant friendship, but it’s tough and I wanted to acknowledge that. We’ll get friends, I know we will, I just need to learn patience. (Not my strong point).

So if you have a running buddy, go and hug them.


Take selfies with them ad nauseam.

group friends tam

Get up at 5am on a weekday to get some good solid miles in before work, coffee before you head home and a glimpse of the sunrise.

me lisa GB flag union jack olympics

Get up at the weekend, meet at the trailhead and run a loop before heading for brunch.

brunch dipsea

Share your unfortunate Mid-Run-Poop stories. We all have them.

bear poop
Bear poop. Not mine, I promise.

Do a race with them.


Invite them for drinks in non-lycra!

girls jen jess 40

Just cherish those lovely running friends you have in your life.

me angela layla jen danielle danville

One of the things I learned as we left the Bay was how rarely we tell our friends we love them. So tell your friends you love them.


(Normal cheerful service resumed as soon as I kick this bug).

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Layla says:

    ❤ I love this because of its honesty, and because I feel the same way. I absolutely love where I moved, but I miss my friends so much. Why don't we have teleportation devices yet???

  2. Bean says:

    I feel you, I miss my running friends in El Paso and Georgia so much sometimes. And that one friend I met on the internet, what was her name, and then she moved out of the country….. YOU> It is you! Even though we never lived very close, you being in a different country feels very far away. Looking forward to jetting across the pond to explore your neck of the woods as us internet strangers are prone to do ;).

    1. Cathryn says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way – you’ve moved loads, any hints about how to make running friends? I guess it’s been harder for you in CS due to the lack of running lately. I miss you too, lady – I want to see your house and your puppy, and you too. Do come and stay, you’re my favourite internet stranger. xx

  3. Jen says:

    Moving as an adult is so hard, but fortunately for you, you’ve got several interests that will hopefully make the transition easier. And whenever you decide to start working again — that will be another potential set of friends/colleagues. Miss you! xoxo

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