Canal-running and coffee!

One of the joys of relocating is exploring your new world! We’re still waiting to get into our house (start of October, maybe, fingers crossed) but the Dude has started his new school. The drive every day is long but gorgeous!

Yesterday, my Dad asked if he could come on the school-run with us. He slipped a disk in his back at the weekend and his chiropractor lives in Honey Street, a tiny little village on the Kennet & Avon canal en route to school. So we hatched a plan; we’d drop the Dude at school, we’d drop Dad at the chiro and then the Husband and I would run along the canal tow-path for a few miles, before meeting up with Dad at the wonderful Honey Street Cafe!

canal kennet avon boat

It worked out perfectly. We parked at the cafe and headed east along the tow-path. The tow-path surface varied a little but it was mainly just a path worn by footsteps into grass – it was muddy, uneven and incredibly hard work. I couldn’t believe how hard the running felt even at 10-minute miles! But it was really peaceful – swifts darted overhead, cows grazed in the fields nearby, a heron waited patiently on the opposite bank and there was the occasional narrow-boat moored alongside. The air smelt somewhat pungent…those darn cows, eh?

kennet avon canal towpath wilts

me canal kennet avon wilts trails

The Husband ran ahead and I soon worked out that on this uneven surface, it was easier for me if he ran a little distance ahead so that my eyes could anticipate the terrain, as opposed to running right behind him.

canal wilts husband

me canal kennet wilts

We ran east for about 25 minutes before turning back to meet Dad at the agreed time. As we got back to the cafe, he was stood on the old stone bridge, waving to us. I still can’t quite believe I get to live near my lovely parents, it’s pretty awesome.

kennet canal me wilts
See my Dad on the bridge?

Clearly this wasn’t some kind of epic, badass trail run but it was a wonderful little excursion of exploration. I’m really excited to run further along the canal in the future – bearing in mind it’s flat, it was a surprisingly tough little workout and it’s so ridiculously pretty!


We warmed up with coffee at Honey Street Cafe! They had the sad news that they’re closing at the end of the season – hopefully they can find new premises as this is already one of our favourite places to get cake! If we’d run a little further, there’s the Barge Inn…a canal-side pub that looks like it could be good for refreshments as well, but we’re crossing fingers that the cafe somehow gets a reprieve.

food cake wilts


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