The last time I fell head-over-heels in love this fast and this hard, it was with my cat  son. (It took me three months to fall in love with the Husband in case you’re concerned, I do love him very much). But that was how I felt about Crested Butte the moment we arrived.

colorado crested butte
Hostel with a view

Our drive from Utah to Colorado was a beautiful one, marked by increasing amounts of green, lush forests and cooling temperatures, which, after days of boiling alive in Moab, was incredibly welcoming. On the way to Crested Butte, we passed a National Park we’d not heard of before – the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River National Park. We popped in, using our annual pass, for our picnic lunch and were completely blown away by the place. What a great surprise.

black canyon gunnison colorado

The minute we arrived in Crested Butte, however, I adored it. Snow-capped mountains, green meadows and cute cabins, that’s the kind of place I love best. Combine that with wonderful temperatures, bright sunshine and an adorable downtown full of little shops and cafes…I was smitten instantly.

Pertinent sign for this chicken

I explored it on my own at first – all three boys were tired and napping after t he car journey. As an only child, I really need time on my own now and again, so I relished mooching around downtown in the sunshine by myself.

I got back to the hostel where we were staying and all the boys were still asleep, so I put on my running gear, chatted to the trail-runner girl on the front desk and headed out towards Lower Loop to stretch my legs. The lack of oxygen at 8,800 ft didn’t seem to dampen my enthusiasm as the views stretched on for days. I even risked a bit of solo trail running (which is VERY gutsy for me) and it was kind of heaven.

colorado mountains

crested butte
Lower Loop trail
me colorado crested butte
SUPER happy!

The Husband took one look at my shining face when I got back to the hostel and suggested that one night here may not be enough and maybe we should stay for two. Yeah, I really loved him at that moment. So I took him out for a quick drink that evening.

IMG_5578 (1)

Staying longer  was a great decision. The next day, we took the chair lift from Mt Crested Butte right up to the top of the mountain at about 12,000 feet, with the goal of running down. Big Brother was both excited and nervous about his first mountain run but as soon as we got running he was away! The Dude was less thrilled by the whole thing but he was game. We managed to run about 3 miles down (stopping regularly to gasp at the views, take photos and drink water) before my small person resolutely started hiking. Fair enough!

us family chair lift colorado

crested butte colorado
Big Brother excited and nervous before running down his first mountain. He was a flipping rockstar!

me dude trail colorado crested butte

It was further down than we’d anticipated but it was honestly magical. I often ran ahead and then stopped to wait for the boys because I honestly couldn’t handle NOT running the trails, they were so flipping beautiful. We ‘triked’ (trail-ran/hiked, new phrase, people) through gorgeous Aspen groves and down single-track laden with wonderful wildflowers. It was so magical. I was delirious with happiness the whole time, and it wasn’t the altitude.




IMG_5563 (1)

When we got back though, we were RAVENOUS. All thoughts of healthy lunches went out the windows and it was BURGER TIME! And Margarita time for me! Tiredness, sunshine, belly full of food and a margarita? Zzzzzzzz.

The next day, before we left, I snuck out early for a final run. I ran up the paved Rec Trail from Crested Butte to Mt Crested Butte. It was almost cold (delicious) and the views were wonderful. Made up for the lack of oxygen. Actually, on the whole I was surprised at how well I felt at that altitude, especially running. I was slow, to be sure, but very happy. My legs tended to feel it more than my lungs!

crested butte colorado
This view!
crested butte colorado
Flowers and mountains

As we drove out of Crested Butte, we promised the Dude to play mini golf on the way…but alas it would have cost us $60 (!) so we found mini-golf instead at that night’s destination, Colorado Springs.

It was so nice to wear sweaters again!

We were in Colorado Springs for one very special reason – the lovely Bean. Bean was my original Internet Stranger turned House Guest and Runner Friend. I hadn’t seen her since last Western States, an exact year ago, so it was wonderful to see her, her husband and to meet her gorgeous dog, Max, at long last. Lots to catch up on, lots of trips to Europe to be planned.

me bean
Dreadful photo, gorgeous friend. (Yes, I ironed that top next)
dude bean
Someone LOVED Max

Our final morning in Colorado started with a quick run down Bean’s local trail for me (she’s injured, boo) and then we were off, heading out of Colorado to New Mexico and Texas.

colorado springs
Colorado has a LOT of awesome running paths

I honestly can’t tell you how much we loved Colorado – all of us. The scenery is spectacular, the temperatures were perfect, the people were lovely…it’s definitely one of my Happy Places. I wish we could have spent longer there, but I’m really grateful for the time we did get to spend in that thin air. I ran every day in Colorado and I loved it – I spent a lot of time trying to work out which state I love the most – California, Oregon and Colorado. Could not decide!

The lovely little town of Salida, where we had a riverside picnic

Colorado, you have been AMAZING. New Mexico and Texas…here we come!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Layla says:

    I spent a long weekend in Colorado a few years ago (one day in Denver, one day in Colorado Springs), and I also adored it. You reminded me that I want to return, oxygen or not. And I agree with you: California, Oregon and Colorado are also my three favorite states. I loved New England, but Oregon also has greenery and water, so it still wins in those areas. And I loved Alaska but wouldn’t want to live there in the winter.

    1. Cathryn says:

      You definitely need to go back, it’s such a great state!! I’d love to go to Alaska though.

  2. NicJ says:

    Wow! Which doesn’t really seem adequate! Stunning stuff!

    I’m also impressed how your experiences are somewhat sync’ing with our weather. Baking hot last week – decidedly cooler now, much you our (general) collection relief! Xx

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yeah, the weather thing is hilarious. And Colorado was spectacular – our fave state of this trip so far by MILES!!

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