Review: Brooks LSD jacket

A few weeks ago, one Monday evening, I joined in a Twitter chat organised by Salty Running. It was my first time doing such a strange thing but it was fun. At the end of the chat session, there was a prize draw and somehow I won. NO idea how but clearly I was delighted. My prize was a running jacket – the Brooks LSD running jacket. LSD sounds like a…psychedelic (?) name for a jacket but alas it means Long Slow Distance.

I sent Salty Running my size, my preferred colour and my address and a few days later, my jacket arrived. Choosing a colour was fun. The LSD comes in various colours which range from slinky black to my beloved neon and a couple of truly dreadful options. After much indecision, I plumped for black. I could wear my GoVivo reflective vest over the top for night-time running but I’d still look ninja-esque the rest of the time.

I’ve worn it a number of times now so feel like I’m able to review it fairly.

Basically I REALLY like it.

Kate Moss never gets photo-bombed!

It’s super-light. It weighs literally nothing. This makes it perfect for taking along on runs when the weather looks a bit iffy – when you think you might need an extra layer but aren’t entirely sure. This is so lightweight that taking it is a no-brainer.

Taking it along is very easy due to two things.

1 – It packs up into its own pocket and then zips into a tiny pouch.This is fun to do, I find this exciting every time I do it.

Going, going…

Attached to the pouch is an elastic arm-band. You basically zip the jacket into its pocket, stick it on your upper arm and you’re good. The elastic is tight enough to not fall down my arm as I run. I haven’t even noticed it when I’ve run wearing it on my arm.


It’s pretty snuggly. It’s excellently wind-proof and keeps me pretty toasty. This is a good thing at times (chilly mornings) but it can get a bit too heated on warmer occasions.

Brooks never claim the jacket’s waterproof – it says water ‘resistant’ and that’s pretty spot-on. It’s good against a shower or a sprinkle but when I wore it in a downpour on Mt Tam I was soaked to the skin and wishing I’d worn my actual water-proof jacket. My mistake.

Not at all awkward…

This is a really versatile little jacket. Because it zips up so light and small, I carry it with me wherever I think I might need an extra layer. I’ve put it in my bag to wear to the cinema because I’m always cold in the cinema. I’ve stashed it in my back pocket on bike rides as a windproof layer. I slept in it when we went camping last weekend and it kept me warm. It even doubles up as a ball for bored kids on ferries.

Spot the ball/LSD jacket

The black is flattering enough that I’d wear it in the city without flinching (although I’m not very cool, so bear that in mind). I’ve become VERY fond of my LSD.

me brooks lsd soul cycle
I know. I should be a model!

Clearly when you win stuff or get it for free you’re more inclined to like it but seriously, I like this lots. In all honesty, I don’t think I’d pay $100 for it but I’m a cheapskate runner and I find it hard to spend that much on anything except shoes.

All in all, this was a fantastic addition to my running (and general life) wardrobe. I think it will be incredibly useful once we move back to the UK.  Thanks Salty Running for picking me!

(Totally unsponsored blogpost. I wasn’t asked to write a review by Salty Running or Brooks when I won the jacket. I just like it.)

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