Bucket List Progress

Last month, I blogged about the things I wanted to do before we left the Bay Area and I’ve been working my way through them. Some adventures are worth a post in themselves, but others don’t necessarily…so here are a few things I’ve been up to.

Bouldering – I wanted to do a little more bouldering before we moved away so the Dude and I spent an afternoon at Dogpatch Boulders in the city. We enjoyed it a lot and I considered signing up for a month’s membership at a more local wall but in the end I decided I didn’t love it THAT much.


Archery – The Husband I had a a date night a few weeks ago at Palomo Archery in Palo Alto. We’d been there a few years ago but had forgotten everything we learned, so we had a lesson and it was really exciting to see the progress we made in the hour. The final challenge was when the instructor stuck two balloons on the target and we had to see who struck theirs first. I popped both mine, the Husband popped one of his and then we had a shoot off for the final one. The Husband was hugely relieved to get there first. It was flipping amazing! We LOVED archery!  Also…I hate guns and every single thing about them but somehow archery is just deeply sexy in every way!



Do a fancy spin class – Last week, I got up at 5am and went to the 6am class at Soul Cycle in Palo Alto. This was one of my birthday prezzies. We’d done Soul Cycle in the city last year and felt horribly out of place, old and suburban. This time,it was better.  I wore the right clothes (!) and there were people of all ages in the class instead of just cool, city 20-somethings. I was impressed that I was recognized as a newbie when I arrived and someone helped me set up by bike, and then the instructor came in, sought me out, introduced herself, asked if I had any questions and then came back in the class to adjust my position on the bike. Soul Cycle is a slick operation – the showers were spotlessly clean, there were towels, toiletries, bottles of water, even hair elastics. The class was 45 minutes (which was enough) and a lot of fun even if it was slightly cult-y and club-y for this middle-aged matron. I won’t be swapping run sessions for spin any time soon, but I had a great time!


Zumba – I’m not entirely sure why I wanted to do Zumba before we left, there is plentiful Zumba in the UK and I’ve only done it a handful of times but my internet friend Fairy is a Zumba instructor and her Instagram makes it look so cool I wanted to do it. So my friend Louise and I booked into a free class in Menlo Park. It was called ‘Dance, sweat, smile’. We went for a quick glass of wine beforehand (during which I burst into tears IN THE BAR talking about leaving the Bay Area) and then a shot of whisky from my hip flask and we braved Zumba. It was utterly hilarious. We were dreadful but very happily dreadful. We both very quickly gave up on even attempting the choreography and we just free-styled the whole thing but we laughed the entire hour and it went really fast! We then followed it up with another quick glass of red (no tears this time). Just an excellent, funny night out. I could be tempted to do Zumba more often as a low impact cardio activity for cross- training.

Way too many endorphins

Our move from the Bay Area has moved forward a few weeks so I realistically won’t get all my list done but some of the other activities are planned. It’s fun.

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