This week in my running shoes

What a week! In every sense, eh? But before I start ranting about the world generally, let’s  talk about running, given that this is a running blog.

Following last week’s confession of my total lack of desire to run and my deep-felt desire to WANT to run again, my plan for this week was just to run for fun. I wanted to get in about 20 miles at whatever speed happened, and to stay healthy. Seriously, one week of heath would be a gift right now.

It started well enough with a nice little 6 mile plod round town one dark morning on Tuesday and I was hopeful about the rest of the week. And then the Dude got sick. He’s had a nasty cold and cough for a few days now (I actually think I gave it to him). On Wednesday morning he got notably worse so i took him to the doctor and it turns out he poor child had Walking Pneumonia. From what I could learn online, Walking Pneumonia is a very mild case of the disease – many people have it and don’t even know. I actually wonder if I have had this, as my cough has sounded very much like the Dude’s. It would explain a lot. Anyway, Pneumonia Dude got some antibiotics and was notably better within 12 hours. But given my childcare duties and the torrential rain we’ve had ALL week, I didn’t get to run for the rest of the working week. Instead I spent time on my bike trainer in the living room. It wasn’t too dreadful.

Sick child, multiple Hotwheels, Margarita, knee, Gilmore Girls on a laptop

One trainer session involved watching a new film called Run Forever about British fell runner Nicky Spinks who ran the double Bob Graham Round. The BGR is a 66 mile loop across 27,000 ft worth of climbing in the beautiful, wild  Lake District in the NW of the UK. Nicky Spinks ran it twice, front to back then back to front. It’s a wonderful film – I really enjoyed it. The scenery is spectacular (I’m dying to run there again when we move back) and Nicky’s story of facing cancer and then turning that fight into running energy is really moving. It’s about 50 minutes long and I’d really recommend it.

At the weekend, I managed to get some running in. I met Jen at 7am in the dark at Lake Chabot for a 6 mile run before she headed off to the Women’s March in Oakland. The run was lovely – the water levels on the lake were visibly much higher than last time we were here. The waterfalls gushed, the streams gurgled. The trails were runnable but muddy – we got delightfully splashed. I thought we saw a bear but no, it was just a dog. But I got to run beautiful green trails with the lovely Jen and my heart was really happy.

Mud, mud, glorious mud

Later that day, we went hiking. I didn’t go to the Women’s March for several reasons (although I fully admit I now regret not going)  so instead I took my boys hiking at Windy Hill. I’ll blog more about it later in the week but we did 8.5 miles of muddy, green gorgeousness and it was wonderful.

Live Oak alleyways
Trail shoes love getting muddy

Then on Sunday, I got out for seven miles in the last hour before the rain started again. I had a podcast on and I wondered if part of the reason I’ve not been into running is that I don’t listen to podcasts or music when I’m running alone in the dark…and I nearly always run alone in the dark at the moment. No matter what, I finished the run 7.6 miles down and I escaped the rain by second.

I feel good about the week. I ran  19.6 miles, I got plenty of trail time.  I cycled, I hiked, I took the Dude bouldering. I stayed healthy. I feel like something may have shifted in my outlook a little. I’ll take that!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I have been feeling the same way. Hard time getting motivated with this weather and life and NYCity half is in 8 weeks.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yeah, I think the weather has been a bit miserable for running. At least you have a goal to aim for though…

  2. Jen says:

    I wouldn’t like running at all without podcasts! Try doing one earbud?
    p.s. it was great to run with you, as always 🙂

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