Healdsburg Half Training: Week 5

This week started so badly (as regards training) but definitely got better! The main challenge this week was that the Husband was away with work so I was flying solo with the Dude and unable to get out in the early morning dark for runs. But I ran with it.

Monday: Rest Day. Aching legs from the Tour de Tahoe.

Tuesday: Easy run

I have an hour between finishing at preschool and picking up the Dude so wherever possible, I snuck in a half-hour run. Not ideal but absolutely better than nothing. This run was grim from start to finish. It was hot, sunny, no shade, I’d had lunch not too long ago. I didn’t love it.  3 miles @ 10.15

Wednesday: Track session

On Wednesday nights, I help out at the kids club at church. But this week, after table-hosting, I left the Dude to it and ran to the local HS track to meet Lisa. The mile there was as horrible as Tuesday’s run so my expectations were low but this turned out to be the coolest run. The HS (American) Football team were practising in the middle which made me feel like I was in Grease. We ran 12 x 400m at 5k pace. I took 8.00 as my 5k pace and we churned those repeats out. It felt really good – never too hard and I loved it. Excitingly, I also nailed the pacing pretty much perfectly which felt really satisfying. I would have liked to have done more repeats but we ran out of time so we took a ‘Merica selfie and drove to church to get our kids. 5.8 miles @ 8.47

me lisa track
So attractive at the end!

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Easy Run

Another hot half-hour plod between preschool and pick-up. 3 miles @ 10.19

Saturday: Long Run

Long runs are always nicer with friends so I met up with Jen at the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center and we ran 7 miles up the bay to the San Leandro Marina and then back again. It was a grey, cool, foggy day that made me feel like I was on the Yorkshire moors but we had fun running. The highlight was when a gorgeous little red fox was on the trail just ahead of us. He was so beautiful. The final two miles were tough but we made it. I have to say, long runs are NOT getting easier. I hoped they would, but they continue to feel very hard. This doesn’t bode well for Healdsburg but all I can do is keep plugging away. We followed our run with delicious brunch at the Cannery Cafe in Hayward (lovely) and put the world to rights! 14 miles @ 10.29

fog trails
This could be Yorkshire Moors!
shoreline me jen
Blowing kisses for Jess running her first 50 miler as we ran our 14!    Photo: Jen

Sunday: Oops. Totally meant to run but ended up chilling.

All in all, this was a decent week. I ran 25 miles in total and got in a good track sesh.


Much better this week, mainly due to a) a grocery delivery and b) the purchase of ‘Minimalist Baker Everyday’ which is an amazing cookbook that has totally fired me up to try new recipes again.


Another tough week with my new preschoolers meant I got to bed in decent time every night and slept like a log.


My local Roadrunner Sports had a Tent Sale this week where they sell off lightly-used shoes that have been returned by other customers. The Husband got some ‘new’ shoes and I ended up with 2 pairs of ‘new’ shoes – some Saucony Triumphs which I’ve run in and liked before and some Hoka Constants. I’ve never run in these Hokas and I might hate them but for $50, it was worth a gamble. I now have 3 pairs of shoes to rotate which has never happened before. I’ll be interested to see how that feels.

hoka saucony
Ridiculous that both these shoes are the same size!


The Husband is now home so I’m looking forward to training hard this week. I may EVEN try swimming…but let me get back to you on that one!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for coming over to run with me! I think you did great this week, all things considered!!

  2. jess says:

    I love that you are blowing me kisses!! Great week of training!

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