Healdsburg Half Training: Week Four

This week, it all got real. Preschool started up again with two new classes of tiny people starting school for the first time ever. It went better than I’d dared hope but I was exhausted every evening and the lights went out at 10.30pm every single night!

To add to the fun, this was also the week of this year’s ‘sportive’ – the 71-mile Tour de Tahoe on Sunday! I’ll talk more about that later this week but it was a big day!

Somehow, I still got my running training done so I’m chuffed about that.


After a lovely weekend in the mountains, we got home in the afternoon and in the evening, went to the nearby track for a family track sesh. It was kind of fun. The Husband (being careful not to aggravate a hamstring twinge) jogged slow laps around it. The Dude ran round a few times then retired to the playground. I ran 8 x 0.25m loops with 300m recovery jogs. This is the ‘short track’ which requires a loop-and-a-bit and has some very sharp corners, but I was delighted to find that all my laps were faster than last time I ran here, averaging a 7.12 pace. I think I’m getting faster.  4 miles in total.

TuesdayRest Day.

If you can call it a rest day with 10 preschoolers and an evening course on child asthma management.

WednesdayTempo Run

Up horribly early for a tempo run in the dark. This week I ran four tempo miles, at 8.37, 8.25, 8.24 and 8.24.  These paces were slower than I’d hoped (8.20) but I was content that they were consistent. Also it’s hard to run tempo on streets in the dark – I was nervous about falling.

night running dark

ThursdayLong Run

Thursday evening was my long run, as the weekend would be up in Tahoe and no-one likes running long at altitude. I had one lovely hour in the sunset and then one horrible hour in the darkness which mentally was super-tough. I got those miles done though. 13 miles @ 10.20.

FridayRest Day. Included a 7 hour drive up to Tahoe. That wasn’t fun.

Saturday – Hike

I’d planned an easy 6 mile run by Lake Tahoe but ended up ditching it for an easy 6 mile hike with the Dude and our friends. Don’t regret it in the slightest. We hiked the Rubicon Trail between Vikingsholm and DL Bliss State Park (with bonus mileage on either side). It was pretty flat, traced the lake and was absolutely beautiful. 6.3 miles in total.

tahoe rubicon trails
Trail with a view

SundayTour de Tahoe!

I’ll blog about that in the week but despite ridiculous nerves, it turned out to be great! I didn’t find cycling at altitude anywhere near as hard as running at altitude. I conquered all the hills and got safely down the descents – although it was a rude awakening at how bad my descending is. (Like REALLY AWFUL). Best of all, I had a fab day out with my favourite Ironman and the views….well…Tahoe, baby! 71.5 miles at 13.2 mph. 

me cycling tahoe


Not good. I was very tired all week so basically ate sugar. All week.


Very good. I was very tired all week so basically went to bed in good time every night.

This week, I’m focussing on eating healthily and getting enough sleep again. I’m cutting back a little on speed work for a couple of reasons but am excited about a long trail run at the weekend with a bunch of ladies. Should be a good week.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the Tour de Tahoe – you totally crushed it! As for tempo miles in the dark – yeah, I’d cut yourself some slack. Don’t risk falling for a few seconds! Also, if you’re anything like me, I’m usually 10-30 seconds slower per mile first thing in the morning than later in the day.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I think my speed is about the same first thing but you’re so right about not risking twisting ankles etc! Unfortunately that’s often the only time I can run, some days, so I take it!!

  2. Grace says:

    It’s so hard to run in the dark at all! I’m always nervous about twisting an ankle. Do you have access to a treadmill? (Though…I’d rather run in the dark than on a treadmill, sometimes.)

    1. Cathryn says:

      I do…but I like running in the dark and I hate treadmills…

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