Healdsburg Half Training: Week 3

This week’s training turned out to be surprisingly decent! This week I focussed on hills! So many hills!

MondayBeautiful, gorgeous, planned rest day

Tuesday30 minute trainer ride

Nope. Couldn’t get out of bed in the morning and could NOT get my bum on that bike in the evening. Trainer riding is honestly the worst. So this turned out to be a second, unplanned rest-day which sat uncomfortably with me.

WednesdayLong Run

I was itching to run hard after two days off so I took advantage of an unexpected day off work and drove to Palo Alto to run the Dish – the hilly, paved trail around a giant satellite dish. I’d planned to do three laps (each lap is about 3 miles) and 13 miles in total. The hills were more brutal than I’d expected but it was the heat that got to me, so I ended up doing two laps and 12 miles in total. Cool with that. I headed straight to Juice Pressery for a cold juice – it was bankruptingly expensive and ridiculously pretentious but it hit the spot and I nearly died of happiness. 12 miles @ 10.42 with 936 ft elevation.

(It felt MUCH harder).

dish stanford
The dish

ThursdayRecovery run

I’ve been struggling to wake up early this week, so I snuck in an easy 3 miler between the end of preschool (my job) and picking the Dude up from school!  3 miles @ 9.47.

Friday Tempo run AND bike ride

My plan for my final day off work before preschool begins again on Tuesday was a mega-long bike ride with some big hills, in preparation for the Tour de Tahoe next weekend. But school finished early today as it’s a holiday weekend and I had to be back two hours earlier. So I used my time wisely.

First of all, I ran my tempo miles for the week. Two miles warm up, then 3 fast miles at 8.14, 8.13 and 8.10 before jogging home. Thrilled with these numbers. 6 miles @ 9.14.

Then I went out for a bike ride. Because I knew I couldn’t do much distance, I created a loop that included four solid hills. I’d hoped to do it twice but again ran out of time, but I was really happy with what I achieved. 14.6 miles @ 10mph with 1,480 ft elevation!!

autumn cycling margarita
Margarita smells Autumn

SaturdayRest Day

We spent the weekend up in the mountains with our friends who have a cabin in Arnold. The morning started spectacularly – the three of us were sat in bed and the Dude spotted a bear slowly ambling through the woods at the back of the cabin.  Later, we did some ‘cross-training’ at the Logging Jamboree…I had my first attempt at axe-throwing. I wanted to be awesome at it but I was awful. I did feel badass as heck!

me logging axe-throwing
Axe-throwing queen (?)

SundayHill repeats

After a couple of miles cruising round Arnold, including lakeside trails before I got spooked at the thought of a bear, I did hill repeats up a steep little street near the cabin. I initially wanted to do a minimum of 6, probably 8 and maybe 10. It was so flipping steep that I knew on the second repeat that I’d be doing 6. I did 6. And then I went home and ate three crepes.

white pines arnold trails
Forest trails – no bears

Later that day, I did a spot of kayaking on White Pines Lake. This is the fourth time this year I’ve done kayaking and I have to say I really love it. I’m not a water-sports girl AT ALL so I’m kind of thrilled I’ve discovered a water sport I like. Now I just need to learn to swim properly.

me kayak arnold


Still not great. I haven’t got my brain into gear on this. Eating well and hitting my racing weight will be a real benefit when it comes to Healdsburg but I’m not focussed enough at the moment.


Mixed bag. I’ve been tired this week and I know that come next week I’ll be exhausted. I’ve had a few early nights but again, too much West Wing viewing. This coming week, I REALLY need to nail sleep.

Preschool starts up again on Tuesday. I don’t talk much about my job because kids/confidentiality/professionalism but I can say that we have a lot of new, tiny little munchkins who will probably find the next week very difficult. I love my job very much and I can’t wait to get started but I’m prepared to be absolutely shattered all week! How that affects training is yet to be seen!

So far, Healdsburg training is going as well as I could hope. Okay..bring on week four.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Grace says:

    New tiny munchkins is a big challenge. Good luck this week!!! I was one of the youngest in my nursery school class (I’d just turned 3) and let’s just say there was a lot of howling and pants-wetting the first week. Also, running away from bears and axe-throwing sounds like pretty excellent cross-training.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Better than munchkin throwing, I guess. So far, this week has been better than expected!!!

  2. Angela says:

    Ahhhhh I haven’t run The Dish in years!! Jealous!! (Well…kind of. Because OMG those hills.) Nice week!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I had forgotten the ones along the bottom! I won’t forget them again.

  3. Jen says:

    Axe-throwing sounds scary and thrilling! I’d totally miss the target and worry about hitting a bystander. Hope your first week is going well!

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