Healdsburg Training: Wk 2

After last week’s awesome week’s training, I wanted to keep the momentum going but wondered if that was unrealistic. Life is slowly getting back to its normal rhythm. I worked four days this week – back to full-time when a new class of preschoolers arrive after Labor Day. My college course started up. The Dude’s getting into the swing of 1st grade and the Husband’s training seriously now for CIM so there’s a lot to juggle. No more than other people, I know. But busy. Luckily, the week went really well and I sit here this Sunday evening feeling pretty solid about it.

MondayTrainer ride

I set my alarm for 5.45 so I could be on the trainer at 6am (the husband leaves early on Mondays so running wasn’t an option). Alas my phone completely died and we woke frantically at 6.30! I DID get on the trainer in the afternoon, before my first college class of the semester that evening. I only managed 30 minutes instead of the 50 I was hoping for, but I count that as a win.

TuesdayTempo Run Rest

I had an hour’s window to run in the evening but the Husband got back from work late so I had to count this as my rest day for the week. Frustrating!

Wednesday – Tempo Run

Out at 6am to get that tempo run in. This week I had to do 3 miles, so after a warm-up mile, I sped up. It went well. My miles were 8.26, 8.23 and 8.13, averaging 8.20. I was hoping for a little faster but I’m chuffed that I actually got faster across the miles and I was pretty satisfied. 5 miles @ 9.12


I try not to put two speed-sessions on consecutive days but sometimes you have to. I met Lisa at a dark track at 6am and did 8 x 400m repeats. This track is full-length and so the corners are softer than our more local, short track and I’m always faster here. This time I averaged 7.05 for those laps, which is surprisingly fast for me and I’m a little suspicious but it made me feel good! I really love running round a track. I never saw that coming! 4 miles @ 8.40.

me track
So fast I’m blurry!

FridayLong ride

No preschool today, so I did my long bike ride for the week. 50 miles around Woodside with 3,800 ft climbing up Kings Mountain and Skyline. I was NOT fast, averaging about 11mph which is shamefully slow. However I am not going for speed on my Tour de Tahoe, so I was content to climb steadily, not die descending and sit in the sun for 10 minutes with a mid-ride coffee!

cycling me margarita

SaturdayLong Run

For the second week running, I got to do my long run with a friend as the lovely Jen drove over the bridge to run with me. We did 10 miles around Redwood Shores together, chatting all the time and then split for the final few miles. She ran two more at a steady pace, I ran a ‘fast finish’ of 3 miles, aiming for 8.25-8.30 pace. They ended up at 8.25, 8.34 and 8.36 which I’ll gladly take. 13.4 miles @ 9.41.

Sunday – Recovery Run

Very easy miles this afternoon. 3.1 miles @ 10.45.

Overall, I’m really happy with this week’s training, topping out at 26 running miles and 57 cycling miles . I would have liked to have been slightly faster on my tempo run and that fast finish, but there you go.


Hmmmm…not so good. Not BAD but not as self-controlled as I hoped.  I lost a pound though 🙂 so am slowly burning off those road-trip treats.


Sigh…reruns of the West Wing lured me into staying up till 11pm most nights. 10.30 is much better for me, so I’ll keep trying. I’ve been tired this weekend so I know I need to focus on this.

This coming week is particularly busy so I’m a little unsure as to how I’ll get my training in, but it’s going to happen. I’m on a roll, people! This is good stuff.

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  1. Angela says:

    Nice week! Looking forward to Healdsburg! 🙂

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