My Q2 goals reviewed!

By the time you read this, we will be in the UK! I’m so excited to see my family and my friends but a little curious about what kind of nation I’ll find, after these rough weeks. However, somehow we’re at the end of Quarter Two and it’s time to look at how I did at my Q2 goals.

  1. Get a sub-50 10k

Technically this is a fail. I trained and raced for this at Danville but recognised a few weeks out that sub-50 was unlikely. With a little help from Angela, I eked out a PR of 50.14! So it’s kind of a fail, kind of a success. I don’t mind having goals that take longer than 3 months to achieve, so I’m happy to have chipped away a little.

Every racer needs a pacer!
Every racer needs a pacer!

2. Core 3 x weekly.

No. Didn’t even try. Despite the fact that a tight core would make me super-happy, clearly this is never happening.

3. One good bike ride every month

YES!! I didn’t actually ride in April but I cycled once in May and twice in June, even managing a 50-miler without too much trouble. More importantly, I REALLY loved it.

me cycling
Last week’s ride with a friend included stone-fruit tasting at a farmer’s market!

4. Finish my Early Childhood Education course and get an A.

Yep. Done. Got an A. I have two more courses to do before I get my coveted certificate but this one’s done.

5. Come up with one table-top activity every week for preschool.

You don’t need the details, but basically I nailed this.

6.Set some healthy limits…

Kind of…

  • Wine, 4 x weekly max – yep, easy. 4 was a little ‘generous’ to be honest.
  • Cake/sweet treats, 2 x weekly max – yes and no. I really struggled with this, so ended up cutting sweets out entirely as of mid-May, and I have to say, I felt so much better. I find it very hard to eat sugar in moderation. I shall keep striving.
  • Social media only after 6pm Monday – Friday (eek!) – nope, didn’t even try.
wine smores
Wine and sugar!

7. Read 3 books per month

Technically no – I read two books per month but I’m going to take it as a win because it got me back in the habit of reading, which was the goal of this particular objective. I read some wonderful books, a few of which took a few weeks to read but were worth lingering over (‘Home’ by Marilynne Robinson, I’m looking at you) so I count this a success.

8. Listen to classical music – April, Bach. May, Chopin, June, Vivaldi.

So Bach. In my distant, piano-playing youth, I had mixed views on Bach. I found him ploddy and stolid, but there was something about the mathematical precision of his music that was deeply satisfying to my soul. It was the closest I ever got to loving maths. But when it comes to listening to him, it just didn’t translate. I loved the Brandenburg Concerto and the Concerto for 2 violins in D minor , they’re wonderful. I found a few others I liked but I struggled to really love poor Johann.

And then, like a sip of red wine as you sink into a hot bubble bath came Chopin and I fell utterly in love. I have yet to find a piece of Chopin music that I don’t love. He’s like the smell of freshly cut grass, like the moment you see redwood trees for the first time and like the sigh my cat gives when he finally snuggles into my arms at bedtime. My favourite pieces were numerous – all his best known works are best-known because they’re utterly magical, but I really loved this (the music of a summer’s morning sat in the garden with a cup of tea before the heat of the day begins) and this (the song of middle-aged heartache for the boy you loved when you were 16).  You should also try listening to this – it’s utterly incredible because of the left-hand. I spent my teens trying to persuade my stiff, unyielding left hand to relax and fly…when I first heard this, my jaw literally dropped. For more fireworks, listen to this. As you can tell, I LOVED Chopin. No words.

And then came Vivaldi. I put him on spotify and set out for a 6 mile run. He lasted 5 miles. I cannot handle him. Yes, the Four Seasons are splendid but every other piece is like being poked with a hot poke on a sore spot on your shoulder. I gave up and sank back into Chopin. Life is too short for aggravating music.

So there you go.

Goals achieved: 4

Goals somewhat achieved: 3

Goals totally failed: 1

Once again, I loved having quarterly goals. 8 was probably too many, so I’ll cut it down for Q3 but that format works really well for me!!! July, here we come.

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  1. jess says:

    I love it!! I laughed at the social media -OMG I’m so addicted, but I live so far away from everyone I love! I think you nailed the majority of these.Great work!!

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