Quarter Two Goals

April is the start of Quarter Two and I’ve been thinking about my Q2 goals. The Husband’s Ironman training is going to be taking centre-stage now – it will become more and more time-consuming, so my own goals will reflect that until the big day at the end of July.

So this is what I’m planning to work on in Q2!

  1. Sub-50 10k.

The Danville 10k on May 28th is my goal race. This is a BIG stretch for me, far tougher than my 5k goals of Q1. My current PR pace is 8.10, I need to cut that to 8.00. That’s a lot to ask. It’s a goal that makes me excited and legitimately nervous! I’m not sure if Danville is too early but I’ll shoot for it then and I have another month if I miss it.

2. Core 3 x weekly

I vowed to do this in Q1 and failed. It’s something I really want to do, so I’m adding it again a second time. It’s something easy to do at home when the Husband is training and I can’t get out to run, so it should be IronWidow-friendly! Danville will be warm, I will definitely need to run in my sports bra so I have to nail this.

Love this candid shot of Lauren Fleshman and her abs on good days and bad days! Me too, Lozza!
Love this candid shot of Lauren Fleshman and her abs on good days and bad days! Source

3. One good bike ride every month

I’ve missed riding my bike lately. Realistically, this may not happen – I may need to prioritize running over riding but I would LOVE to get in a solid, monthly bike ride with a minimum of 20 miles and hopefully more like 50 miles by the end of the quarter. If this doesn’t happen, so be it, but if it does, awesome!

me cycling

4. Finish my Early Childhood Education ‘practicum’ course.

Grade A or bust.

5. Come up with one ‘table-top activity’ for preschool every week. 

I won’t go into details but this is something I want to do for my new career and therefore I want to include it in my official goals to make it happen!

6. Set some healthy limits.

  • Wine, 4 x weekly max
  • Cake/sweet treats, 2 x weekly max.
  • Social media only after 6pm Monday – Friday (eek!)

7. Read 3 books per month

In 2016 I read so much, and I loved it so much but since January, I’ve really struggled to read. I started a few books…didn’t like them…gave up. And somewhere I lost my reading mojo. So I’m focussing back on reading again. Any recommendations?

arnold reading

8. Listen to classical music

I’ve LOVED listening to classical music so far this year, I’m looking forward to listening to more.

  • April – Chopin
  • May – Bach
  • June – Vivaldi.

Once again, I’m really excited about these goals. They’re all things I really want to do and the 12 week focus really works for me and my flighty attention span! Let’s go!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Paulette says:

    Great goals! I want to ride my bike more too. Something I never prioritize!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yeah, I think if I don’t make it an actual goal, it won’t happen!!

  2. gracechua31 says:

    These are great goals! I like that the core work is a process-focused one (I can talk real big about time goals and things like that but if I don’t make a proper plan, nothing happens).

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