Quarter One Goals Reviewed

Holy Macaroni, it’s April and time to review my Quarter One Goals!

  1. Run a sub-25 minute 5k.

Boom! Done. Twice. Once officially, once unofficially. Super chuffed.

parkrun me

2. Run my longest race for 12 years, the Post Oak Lodge 25k. Done!

It was more fun than I imagined and I came away with a very nice AG award too. Tell you what, I have gained so much more respect for you marathon runners. Don’t get me wrong, I have ALWAYS respected you, but I’d forgotten the pain of running LOOOONNNNG (like 15 miles) and how much it hurts. I have NO idea how you manage to knock out 26.2. You are all awesome! Anyway, this resolution was DONE! 


3. Start my ‘practicum’ pre-school teaching college course.

On course. This my teaching practise course and it’s tough – the workload is substantial and it’s not easy but I’m on track at the moment and happy with how things are going. Done. 

4. Discover some abs and my waist.

Hmm. I DID get my waist back to some degree (and with it, some hint of abs) but that was all due to a 5 lb weight loss from giving up sugar. So I’m going to claim it as a success but I feel a bit sneaky about it. The original plan was to be confident running Oakland in just my sports bra. The weekend before, I would have done so. This weekend, I would have done so but that weekend was ‘that time of the month’ and my tummy needed hiding that day!! But despite this, I’m counting it a DONE!

5. Cut back on my iPhone usage.

Maybe a little better. I went through a few weeks where I only allowed myself on social media after the Dude went to bed and that worked really well but I lost that discipline. I’d say a ‘kind-of’. Hmmm…

6. Listen to: Jan – Mozart, Feb – Beethoven, March – Tchaikovsky

Done! I worked my way steadily through the Spotify ‘Top 50’ for each composer and just listened to it every day on my way to work. It’s a lovely way to start a day! I knew Mozart and Tchaikovsky pretty well from my childhood in a musical family and my love of ballet, but I managed to discover some new gems I hadn’t heard before. For Mozart, my new discovery was the sad little Sonata for Piano & Violin in E minor and for Tchaikovsky it was the Slavonic March which has a really awesome bit that is good to run to!

Beethoven was a huge surprise, I didn’t know much of his music at all. I found him baffling. Some of his music leaves me cold, it’s so staidly classical. But then I discovered the other side to him – the beautiful, lyrical, heart-wrenching side of him. I had no idea he’d written Fur Elise, I assumed it was Chopin or someone of his ilk.

I’ve stumbled on a couple of gems he wrote…the allegretto from Symphony No 7 which you have to blast loudly in your car, it gives me chills. And this…the Sonata Op 31 No 2: 3 Allegretto. ….which is now one of my favourite pieces of classical music ever. If you listen to even one of the links ,listen to this. It’s so beautiful! So this resolution has been DONE!! Giant success. 

7. Read my Bible every day.

Done…pretty much. Not every day because I never manage anything every day but I’m in a really good consistent routine, using an amazing app called ‘She Reads Truth’. I love it, I look forward to reading every day! It’s really been brilliant for me. So yep, DONE! Giant success. 

Spring has sprung too early here...but it's beautiful!
Quarter One…blossom season…done!

All in all, I count Quarter One as an enormous success. I’ve LOVED having shorter term goals, it works really well for me and my flighty attention span. I’m working up my Quarter Two goals and am excited to get started on them!!

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