Learnings for my next training cycle!

Don’t worry…I’m not hurtling from one training cycle to another!! I’m taking a few weeks to breathe, wallow and re-energise. This past week, since the excitement of the Oakland 5k, I’ve been out running for fun. I ran on Tuesday and Wednesday, I’m hoping to run this morning (I scheduled this post yesterday). And then tonight we’re leaving Charlie to the cat-sitter, flying to Florida for a few days, meeting the Husband’s family and setting sail on a Caribbean cruise! I cannot wait!

I believe our ship is bigger than this one!
I believe our ship is bigger than these ones!

Whilst we’re on our cruise, I’m hoping to run every day on the treadmill or on the running track on the top deck. Not because I’m Type A-ing  but because it’s very easy to put weight on during a cruise (apparently people often put on 10 lbs over a fortnight) and I want to stay healthy and fit! The husband wants to do some spin classes too for Ironman training so I might take advantage of Ramsden babysitters and join him where possible. So basically the goal is to chill out, sleep a lot, hang out with my family, keep my fitness up, not disembark looking like a tub of lard and to be ready and excited to train…for the Danville 10k.

This is my next goal race, the Danville 10k on May 28th and my goal is a big one…49.59! My current PR pace is 8.10 – this new goal would require a pace of 8.00 so it’s a big step for me. I felt like my 5k goal in Q1 was achievable…this one, I don’t know if it is, but I’m going to give it my best shot and see what happens!

There’s a number of learnings from my Q1 training that I’ll be taking into this next cycle.

  1. One focus. Q1 had three different focusses. Jan – speed for parkrun, Feb – distance for Post Oak, March – speed for Oakland. It was fun to switch things up but I don’t think it was ideal. For this quarter, all my efforts are going into speed for Danville.
  2. 8 weeks. 12 weeks is too long for this girl to train for a short distance. I lose focus. So I’m planning an 8 week cycle which starts whilst we’re away cruisin’!!
  3. Limiting sugar. I gave up sugar for Lent (I’ll post about that another day) and it was awesome for my health, my weight, my skin and my mental attitude to food. I do NOT want to go back to that sugar addiction, so I’m setting a very strict rule of 2 sweet treats per week.
  4. Limiting wine. I did substitute sweet treats for bread and wine. I don’t have a particular problem with that but I probably went a little overboard, so I’m going to set myself a limit of drinking wine on 3 nights per week at the very most.
  5. Eat like an athlete. I’m reading ‘Racing Weight’ at the moment and it’s really thought-provoking about eating like an athlete. I want to work on my attitude to food over this training cycle and see it as fuel for my running.
  6. Core fitness. I did very little on my ‘abs’ goal in Q1. I only saw an improvement because of overall weight loss. I want to be serious about core work now, not so much for ‘flashy abs’ but for strength.

So that’s the plan…I’m super excited about it and ready to try to crush Danville. But for now, the beach and ocean await! See ya!

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  1. Nic J says:

    Have a fab holiday and a lovely Easter – I think you’ve earned it! Best wishes to the family R as well! Xx

  2. Grace says:

    I think we had a pretty good Q1 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday! Do you find you still crave sugar, or has giving it up broken the habit? If you had something unbearably sweet now would you still enjoy it or find it revolting? I’m curious because I’ve never liked sugar (I’m a savoury/ sour-snacks girl) and I can’t take too much of it.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I have a post scheduled about it for next week. I haven’t craved sugar at all after the first week although on Wednesday evening I was knackered beyond belief and found myself prowling the kitchen in search of cake! I resisted, but I probably wouldn’t have resisted if it wasn’t for Lent. I’m also curious to see how things will taste when I try them again! I’m actually a bit nervous about reintroducing it, it’s been such a good thing for me. When’s your half-marathon??

      1. Grace says:

        ha, willpower definitely goes out the window when you’re tired or stressed!
        the half-marathon is (YIKES!) the end of this month – May 1 really. Somehow March just slipped by…

      2. Cathryn says:

        Woohoo…not too long now.

  3. Jen says:

    Have a great time!! I agree about the sugar thing. One week back on and I can already see the negative consequences. Moderation is key!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Oh that makes me a little nervous!! I have a post scheduled for next week about the sugar thing but the difference it’s made to my skin is hopefully enough to keep me off the evil white powder forever (apart from the odd red velvet cake).

  4. jess says:

    Have a great holiday!! and I can’t wait to hear about it =)

  5. Caitlin says:

    I loved Racing Weight. I’m stewing on a post about it right now. Have fun on your cruise and enjoy running on that track! The one time I went on a cruise I did a couple of runs on that track and it was totally surreal. I also hit the treadmill once and it was probably the best treadmill run I’ve ever had.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yeah, I think running on the track past people sipping margaritas might be weird! Are you anywhere near Fort Lauderdale? I think you’re not, but if you are and you fancy running with a very slow British person, drop me a line! x

      1. Caitlin says:

        I wish I was, but I’m on the other side of the coast. 😦

  6. Angela says:

    I wish you better luck on your cruise workout goals than I had — when we went on an Alaskan cruise in 2010, I set what I thought was a very manageable goal of running 3 miles a day, and only ever ended up running once. D:

    See you in Danville if not before!!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Hopefully before x

  7. dlubi says:

    Have a wonderful trip!

    For some great recipes and tips on eating like an athlete – check out athletefood.com & follow them on social media. Scratch labs has some good books/ recipes too.

    Happy vacation!!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks for the link…much appreciated xx

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