A weekend in the snow

Our friends have a lovely cabin up in the Gold Country mountains, near Murphys.  We spent a lovely weekend there in the summer. They are literally about to have another baby, so when they mentioned that they weren’t going to the cabin in January (just in case things happened early), they asked if we fancied popping up for MLK weekend. Did we? Did we heck. Yes please!


cabin arnold
The view from my bedroom window. Perfection.

We planned to go up on Friday night but the Husband had to work late so we ended up going Saturday morning. We arrived in Murphys at lunchtime and had pizza and cake, so not the healthiest lunch but it was delicious. We spent the afternoon snuggled on the sofa reading. (Well, the boys played on the iPad, I read).


That evening, we drove up to Bear Valley Ski Resort, about 40 minutes further up the mountain for the MLK weekend extravaganza…a flaming torchlight procession and then fireworks. When we arrived, there was sledging/sledding. The Dude was beside himself with excitement. I was terrified. This is ridiculous, I know. There was a very gentle slope and little three year olds were barreling down laughing but I was rooted to the spot with fear. It took me a while to work through it but finally I gave it a go. I was embarrassingly proud of myself!!

dude sledging
Two Ramsdens are not terrified.
bear valley skiing
Torchlight procession down the mountain
bear valley fireworks
Boom! Oooh….aaah!


On Sunday, we headed back up there to go skiing. For the first time ever, I wasn’t totally terrified to go skiing, the trip to Tahoe a few weeks ago was fresh enough in my mind. Bear Valley is a much smaller resort than Tahoe – it’s a big bowl, which sheltered skiers from the winds up there. It’s much older – the chair lifts were quite vicious when you got on and I was a little nervous about their safety, although they were obviously fine. There were a few easy green slopes and then some nice blues but everything else was steep and black. We spent the day on the greens and blues and had a good time. If you’re thinking of skiing there, rent your equipment before you go. MLK weekend is apparently their busiest weekend and it took about 90 minutes to get us equipped and on the slopes. The staff were excellent but we wished we’d got our stuff elsewhere so we could get cracking.

bear valley skiing

us family
The family that skies together…


On the way home, we stopped to join locals sledging in the forests. This time I was much braver 🙂

me sledging

We sledged again on Monday before heading home!! The Dude is obsessed.

white pine lake
A frozen lake at sunset. Magical.

Back home now…and the training continues 🙂

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