Ready to run Walnut Creek

On Saturday, I’m running the Walnut Creek Half Marathon. I signed up for it in a blaze of enthusiasm and a burning desire to PR. I can say upfront that I haven’t put in the training to PR and it’s not going to happen. Having said that, I’m going to be running my heart out on Saturday. I’m not using this as a training run – it was too expensive!

Whilst in the back of my mind I will definitely be hoping for race day magic and a PR (which I know won’t be happening), I’ve also set some other more realistic goals so that the entry fee isn’t wasted

  1. Negative split.

I have never ever managed this in a half marathon. I have never gone out conservatively and finished strong. In fact, I usually go out all guns blazing and end up hanging in and feeling like death. So on Saturday, I want to go out with guts but common sense and to see if I can run the second half faster.

2. Run WC faster than Blerch

I ran the Blerch a few weeks ago in 1.58.59 (when the short course was extrapolated up to the full distance). It was a flat course and I ran it at a comfortable pace. This course is harder – there’s a 2 mile hill from 4.7 to 6.8 – so to run this course faster would be a sign of progress if nothing else.


3. Run with guts

Last weekend was the California International Marathon and a number of people I follow on social media ran it. The thing that struck me on their posts later was the guts with which they ran. Most aimed for PRs and, right from the start, ran with determination to hit their goals. Some succeeded, some didn’t but I was honestly humbled and inspired by all of them. So on Saturday, I want to run with guts and to keep fighting at all times.

I am slightly shame-faced at not putting in as much training as I meant to, especially since this race wasn’t cheap and I spent the Husband’s hard-earned cash on it. (He hasn’t mentioned it, these are my thoughts). But life is busy and I didn’t make the time to train as hard as I should have. However I can honestly say that I’ve loved running recently and I think having WC as a goal race was the motivation for that. I need something to aim at and I’ve loved every single zero-dark-thirty run, every run with friends and I’ ve even ventured onto the track at my local park to run in circles a few times. It’s been really fun and I’m super-grateful for that.

So let’s see what Walnut Creek serves up on Saturday. At the very least, it’ll be a good 13.1, brunch with lovely friends afterwards and a shiny new medal!!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Nic J says:

    Good luck! And enjoy it! Sounds somewhat more scenic than Blerch…. xx

    1. Cathryn says:

      I don’t think it’ll be very beautiful – just suburban. Which is why I’m curious about why it’s so expensive! We shall see.

  2. Good luck!! I’ll think about you 🙂

  3. Layla says:

    I love your goals — go get that negative split! I think this course can set you up well for it, too: Pace yourself conservatively from the start, knowing you need to feel good to get up the hill. Don’t speed up until mile 6.8, because there’s no point in trying to run faster up a hill. I also suggest fueling at mile 10 so that you have enough energy to run the last two miles as hard as you can. (But if you don’t do well fueling at that point, don’t risk it now, of course.)

    Go get it!!!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Good advice there, thank you! I’m going to do just that.

  4. alisonking76 says:

    Have a great day, run with guts and determination (and failing that, trying to have some fun).

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