Walnut Creek 1/2 Marathon Training: Wk 4

This week’s training was okay! 24 miles is a decent amount!

Tuesday: No miles. Two BIG events.

First up…the IronHusband signed up today for Ironman Vineman in July ’16. This is a good thing as he thrived during Ironman training last year and I’m excited for him. It’s also a good thing as we have a deal between us – for every Ironman he does, I get a ginger cat!!!

Charlie's thoughts on the future new addition.
Charlie’s thoughts on the future new addition.

Second thing…my parents arrived today from the UK – they’re staying for three weeks. Nearly four weeks. This is as close to perfection as I can have in my life. Snuggled up in our little house with my four favourite people and my very favourite cat…it doesn’t get better. So I totally skipped my run.

Wednesday: Easy run

Veterans Day so I ignored the 6am alarm call because ‘I had the whole day to run, didn’t I’. So I hung out with my parents all day..and found myself running in the dark that evening. 5 miles @ 9.29.

Thursday: Intervals

Met Lisa at 5.30am for our Thursday morning run. Threw some intervals in there, 6 intervals of 2 minutes. It was Lisa’s first time doing intervals and she basically kicked my arse. She’s going to be an amazing runner!

Friday: Family bike ride

Lovely 9 mile bike ride with the ‘rentals and the Dude in the afternoon. Came home to the news of the horror in Paris. Broken hearted.

Saturday: Long Run

I ran the Beat the Blerch Half Marathon in Sacramento this morning. I’ll recap it in the week but basically I wanted to use it as a long, solid run (which I did) so I didn’t ‘race’ it but then I was disappointed with my time. Which is totally illogical and only-child-ish. The major bummer was that the race was short (12.8 miles) but apart from that, it was a great event. 12.8 miles @ 9.04

This text came straight from my brain
This text came straight from my brain. Source


I have mixed views on this week’s training. It was fine but it wasn’t stellar and I have very mixed feelings about Saturday’s half-marathon, which I’ll post about in a few days once I’ve thought it through. This week, I need to buckle down and do some quality work!

Quality, Ramsdan! On it.

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