Walnut Creek Half Marathon Training: Wk2 & 3

I didn’t do a weekly recap last week, I was too busy having fun in Seattle, so I’m combining weeks 2 and 3. And they were VASTLY different. So settle down for a Tale of Two Running Weeks!

Week 2 – w/c 26th October

I knew that this week would be lower on mileage due to our weekend away and me not being able to fit a long run in this week but I hadn’t expected to struggle so much with running motivation this week, I’d been so chuffed with the previous week’s running. But I only managed to run three times and totaled 15 miles which is unimpressive, especially when training for a race.

Wednesday: Tempo Run

This was a little encouraging, my three tempo miles (M3,4 and 6) came in at 8.37, 8.36 and 7.51 (this was only 0.8 miles). That sounds good but it included a loo-stop and a red light stop (for which I stopped my watch) so doesn’t really reflect increasingly tired legs. 5.8 miles @ 9.13.

Friday: Intervals

I was pretty proud of myself for getting a run in on this super-busy day when we flew to Seattle but I was up and running in the dark very early in the morning. This interval session included 7 x (2 mins fast, 1 min recovery). Felt decent. 3.5 miles @ 8.46.

Sunday: Easy Run

Exploratory miles in Seattle. Cold. But fun. 5.3 miles @ 9.39.

Lake Union on a chilly morning
Lake Union on a chilly morning


Wk 3 – w/c 1st November

This week went much better!

Tuesday: Intervals

Six early morning miles with 9 repeats of 2 minutes fast and 2 minutes recovery. I enjoyed spreading the faster miles over a longer time period but didn’t feel as knackered (thus endorphiny) as speedwork usually makes me feel. 6 miles @ 9.01

Thursday: Easy Run

I was up at 5am and out the door by 5.15 to meet my friend Lisa and run an hour with her in the dark morning. It was lovely – we shared some personal stories, both funny and heartbreaking and it was a little magical. 5.75 miles @ 10.05.

Saturday: Long run

Nice to run in daylight. 12 very easy miles in the chilly sunshine. Kept all the miles easy due to a somewhat strange ‘race’ I’d agreed to do the next day. 11.6 miles @ 10.11

Sunday: Tempo Run

So in the middle of the week, my friend Louise asked me to sign up for a 10k that a local non-profit was organizing. I decided to do it as a tempo run and as a gauge to see how fit I was at the moment. I’ll write more about it next week but it went better than I expected! 6.1 miles @ 8.20 🙂

homehope me
I finished the race feeling strong and with a smile on my face. NOT.


So 30 miles this week. Feeling decent!

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  1. Erin says:

    That running finisher pic is everything! Also, I need to resubscribe to your blog. I’m missing loads!

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