Desperately seeking Autumn

This weekend, we went up to Apple Hill for our annual apple extravaganza. It was basically a desperate attempt to find Autumn. I love Autumn (like most other people on the internet) but the Bay Area has been relentlessly warm and sunny. I don’t want to complain about warm and sunny because I spent the first 35 years of my life hankering for warm and sunny but I do miss seasons. We rented a cabin at the KOA campsite near our favourite little hill town of Placerville and it was close to perfect. The first night, we lay in bed as the thunder echoed around and the lightning flashed and we snuggled up, listening to rain hammer on our wooden roof.

cabin KOA camping
Cabin 103

Apple Hill was a bit of a mare…traffic gridlock. Apparently we should come as usual in September rather than October. But we got to eat doughnuts, drink apple cider and pick bags full of Granny Smiths. I found some Autumn. And I got to see the lovely Alisyn.

IMG_9576 IMG_1481

IMG_1484 IMG_9597 IMG_9599 IMG_1491


family us apple hill

The other weekend excitement was when the Dude lost his first tooth. He was surprisingly emotional about it until he realized the tooth fairy would come and deliver the goods. He swallowed the tooth in a mouthful of chocolate cake so had to leave the fairy a note to explain.


Running this week

I snuck out for a quick run over the weekend – four easy miles. I’d hoped to run twice, but life happened and I didn’t…but it’s been an okay week’s running.

Tuesday intervals. I ran in the evening and it got a bit dark and creepy on the track so I ran up and down a quiet residential road to the bemusement of the UPS guy.

Wednesday long run in the heat of the day. 11 hot miles with 2 at tempo although my legs were still shot from the intervals so they were a bit disappointing.

Sundayeasy run of 4 miles.

I need to up my game next week. I’d hoped to run once more this week and am a bit narked at myself for missing a tempo run but as long as I focus this next week, it should be fine! I have the desire to run (so much desire) but sometimes I procrastinate when the opportunity presents itself and then it’s gone. I need to have more discipline in that respect.

Also…I totally failed to do any abs work this week. I hereby commit to do it three times next week. Please hold me accountable.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    OMG I feel you on the autumn thing. Pretty sure we are never getting fall in SF ever again. I never thought I would say it but I am OVER all these warm sunny days!

    Also congrats Dude!!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I am DYING to wear my scarf and my bobble hat again. Sob.

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