Fire in the belly

It’s back!

What’s back??

The FIRE is back! The fire in the belly!

During my long months training for the Surf City Aids Ride, all I wanted to do was to run. I didn’t want to ride for HOURS, I just wanted to slip on some running shoes and run! So the minute I’d done my ride, I was planning to get out and run like a crazy girl.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

I just lacked ‘oomph’. I’ve been running – roughly three times a week and I’ve been enjoying it…but just lacking Belly Fire. I originally planned to train super-hard with the goal of PRing at Beat the Blerch 1/2 Marathon in Sacramento in November. My ITB issues over the summer meant that I was behind on that plan when I did my century ride, and frankly, I just never got started properly. It become increasing apparent that I won’t PR there and I’ve found my enthusiasm waning considerably as a result.

But that all changed last week.

I decided to sign up for the Walnut Creek Half in mid-December, about a month after Beat the Blerch. That gives me 9 weeks to train – that’s a GOOD amount of time. I stand a chance of PRing with 9 weeks of solid training.

The last time I PRd a half-marathon. Too Long Ago.
The last time I PR’d a half-marathon. Too Long Ago.


In addition, it’s not cheap – it’s about $100! That is a LOT of the Husband’s money to spend so I’m taking this seriously.

Walnut Creek is an interesting half. It’s in mid-December so should be a really good temperature – I ran a 10k in December in 2013 and it was pretty chilly in the morning. Chilly is good! The course looks decent but there is a GIANT hill between mile 4.3 and 6.8. This may be my downfall. There’s a solid mile-and-a-half downhill afterwards but I’m going to need to work on my hill climbing quite hard for this race. I’m also going to go and run the course (or at least the actual hill) in advance so I know what I’m letting myself in for!

It's not quite THIS bad
It’s not quite THIS bad


To prepare for this new endeavor, I bought some new running shoes. My current shoes have about 500 miles on them. My second pair of shoes aren’t cushioned enough runs over 6 miles (I’m heavy-footed and work through cushioning quickly) so I went to the shop, tried out a few pairs and surprisingly fell in love with the Saucony Triumphs! Honestly, looking at them in the box I was beside myself with excitement to run in them! I’m one run down so far…and so good!

Silver and purple. Yes please.
Silver and purple. Yes please.

So combine a new goal race, a more realistic target and some new shoes, I am seriously hyped about running again. So very excited about it. I feel that familiar buzz, that excitement! It’s so good to be excited about running again after a very long time of being a bit ‘blah’ about it.

I have a training plan all worked up. I haven’t yet decided whether to run the Blerch or not, even as a training run. My parents will be here and I’m loathe to leave them even for a day if it’s not for a PR! But I haven’t made up my mind yet.

What I HAVE decided is that I am TRAINING again and it feels GOOD! Walnut Creek! Here. I. Come!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nic J says:

    Woohoooo! THIS. GIRL. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Cathryn says:

      She’s going to give it a darn good try!

  2. Bean says:

    Excited for your PR attempt! You got this!

  3. Jen says:

    I considered Walnut Creek but it’s SO expensive! And I just don’t think I’ll be in PR shape by then. However, I’d love to go cheer you and Roserunner on!

    1. Cathryn says:

      It is SO flipping expensive (although I read that the Nike Women’s Half today was $200)! Not quite sure how they’ll justify that but I know need to work super-hard to justify it to myself!!! Would be lovely to see you for brunch afterwards? x

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