Hiking Mori Point

Last week’s gorgeous trail run in Pacifica was slightly shorter than I’d intended because helicopters were spraying Mori Point with mosquito repellent so clearly, we headed in the opposite direction that day. However a sunny Labor Day, empty of requirements, meant that we had the chance to go and hike there. I’d wanted to explore Mori Point for ages now and it was a perfect day. Excuse the potential photo vomit – it was just so pretty.

Mori Point is a bluff, rising high over the ocean It’s steep but very pretty on a clear day. It was packed with hikers and dog-walkers, everyone was enjoying the day.

 pacifica mori point
The mountain in the back left is Mt Tam in Marin

mori point



We climbed the actual point but failed to find the ‘easy’ way down so ended up edging down this precipitous drop. If you’ve ever had the luck to run trails with me, you’ll know that descending is NOT my strong point so I ended up scrambling down most of this on my bottom.

mori point

The Dude is hiking really well these days. Look at the slope ahead of him in the photo below – he literally kicked our arses as he shot up it and we laboured up behind him.




Mori Point was lovely – it would be great for hill practise as the slopes were generally not TOO steep and would make for great repeats! And the views are not bad!!




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Grace says:

    That is very pretty! It looks like a scorching day though. If we lived in CA we would have to buy sunscreen by the bucket (as it is, the husband has a family history of melanoma, and I am always outside at precisely the wrong time). And the Dude is going to be a tremendous athlete (hi big guy!).

    1. Cathryn says:

      There is a lot of sunscreen in our lives these days but I know I’m not meticulous enough. I’m going to be a wrinkled prune before too long. (The Dude says hi back)

  2. Brianna says:

    I’m so glad you and the family made it to Mori Point ! What a beautiful day to to go there! I too have yet to find the “gentler” way down from top. Last time I ran there was a big break in time on my strava while I scooted/slid down the steep slope. When we go we will make it a point to find the easy way down 🙂

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