Redwood Reset Running

Guess what – this is a post about running and not cycling! It’s been a while, hasn’t it!

I HAVE been running a little over the past few weeks whilst I focus on cycle-training, but not much. And boy, I have MISSED running. When I’m out cycling and I see a few girls out running trails, my heart aches to be running. One good thing about century training is that it’s reigniting my running mojo BIG style!

One issue I’ve had lately is that at about M4 of my 6 mile runs, I’ve developed a ‘pain’ in my IT band, on the left of my bum. I’ve been careful of it, I don’t want it to get worse. I wonder if my Cliftons are to blame. I am currently running in the Clifton 2 and the toe box is notably wider than its predecessor. Wide toe-boxes make my feet roll around, and that’s not good, so I’ll be running shorter distances in different shoes for a week or two.

Anyway. Yesterday, I went for a run and it was great. It was the Dude’s first day in Kindergarten. This wasn’t quite as big a milestone for him as for other children because he was in TK last year so I feel like he ‘started’ school last year. But it marked the end of the summer holidays and a new chapter. I don’t start volunteering at preschool for a few more weeks so I have a short period when I can get some training in, which will be awesome.

So I marked the start of Kindergarten with a reset run in my much-loved but rarely visited Huddart Park. I met up with a friend from church, M, who has just moved to the area. I was really looking forward to getting to know her better and introducing her to the joys of redwood forest running!

huddart redwoods

The trouble is…M is  a gazelle. She’s all long golden limbs. Me? I’m a terrier. Short, stumpy legs that bound along, tongue hanging out with excitement. So basically, imagine a gazelle being followed by a terrier and that’s what we looked like.

huddart redwoods

It was a lovely run. We did about 4 1/2 miles which, on trails and hills, was enough for me. We ran up Dean trail and down Crystal Springs. There was no chatting uphill but plenty of chatting downhill, and it was great. We stumbled on a mummy deer with two very young fawns, and that was magical.

huddart redwoods

We followed our run with cake and coffee and much talking at the Woodside Bakery. I pop in there every week at the moment when riding my bike and today, the barista recognized me and we had a good chat. Clearly my cake habit is now well-known in Woodside! My animal analogy held fast in the cafe too…my gazelle friend grazed elegantly, my terrier self wolfed the cake down in three mouthfuls.

It was awesome to be back on the trails. There’s nothing like them!

huddart redwoods

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike says:

    Ha, maybe we should add a terrier to our RaceRaves spirit animals! And amen to your closing argument…

    (BTW, I find ITB pain generally succumbs to sports massage, though hopefully a change of shoes will do the trick.)

    1. Cathryn says:

      A terrier is very definitely my running spirit animal!! The ITB is better today – I think shorter distances for a week or so plus different shoes may be enough. Hope so.

  2. gracechua31 says:

    Bahahaha. I have been the short running partner to two lovely friends – one is a gazelle and the other an Amazon – so I know how you feel. It was hard to keep up!
    Itb – I’m having some itb issues too, probably caused entirely by the fact that I never stretch or roll any more and instead come home, shower, rehydrate and feed the baby and that’s all she wrote! Do as I say not as I do and roll it out!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Angela wrote a post once about how the muscular-skeletal system takes longer to get used to fitness routines than the cardiovascular system. So whilst my heart/lungs are remaining fairly fit (from cycling), my running muscles are not what they used to be. So I can run for longer than my muscles can withstand. I think that’s what’s going on there. And you are getting back into running, so your heart is getting fitter again but your muscles haven’t yet caught up. Patience, eh, fellow grasshopper.

  3. Nic J says:

    Nowt wrong with terriers – The Jack Russell is the best dog in the world, as you well know!
    I’m on a running diet at the moment. Put my back out about 2.5 weeks ago – I think it was a trapped sciatic nerve (managed to do something in between going to bed and waking up – nothing interesting I hasten to add!). About 90% recovered, so had my first 1 mile run yesterday, and will do the same again today. Felt better out than I was expecting, so hopefully not lost too much fitness. Looks like we’re both ‘learning’ running again! xx

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