Balcony Camping

Last weekend, we had been hoping to go camping, but in the end, we couldn’t make it. The Dude and I were disappointed (well, I was, really) and so we decided to camp in our back garden. Except we don’t HAVE a back garden, we only have a balcony known as High Garden. But that couldn’t stop us!

So we emptied High Garden out, borrowed and put up a 2-man tent, decorated it to within an inch of its life and then camped out!  It would have been horribly cramped in the tent with the three of us, so the Husband sacrificially declared that he would sleep sadly alone in our big bed and leave me and the Dude to camp out!

Ramsden Basecamp With a deer and a basil forest
Ramsden Basecamp
With a deer and a basil forest

As it got dark, it got more magical.



We cooked s’mores as is traditional – except that we had to melt the marshmallows on our camping stove down in the communal area of our complex. Not quite as chilled as over a campfire, but pretty fun.


We tried to persuade Charlie to join us, but he was having none of it!


So this is just a little post to say that even if you can’t go camping somewhere beautiful and inspirational, sometimes you can have a lot of fun just camping wherever’s possible.

Home is where you pitch your tent…sometimes literally 🙂

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  1. Jen says:

    Very creative!

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