Getting my ducks in a row

This week was all about getting back into some semblance of normality after our trip away.

I was surprised to find I’d lost a few pounds in Utah, despite spending a lot of time in the car and not doing as much exercise as I should have done – clearly opting for salad every night over burgers helped a little! But this week, I wanted to do some more training! My Century Ride is only two months away. That’s a good amount of time for me to start focussing.

This week’s training looked like this.

Monday:  Doubles Day 1

AM – Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 2.

PM – 5 mile run

Mondays are crazy busy so my goal was just to get a Jillian Michaels workout done. Gallons of sweat. But then my class on Monday night finished surprisingly early. It was a beautiful evening, the Husband was on bedtime duty so I got home, got changed and headed out for a lovely easy run. I’d hoped that 8 days at altitude would have transformed me into an effortless gazelle. No, not quite, but it was nice to get back at it. 9.31 pace.

Tuesday: Doubles Day 2

 Spin Class – 6am. Particularly comatose on the bike but got 14 hard miles in.

10 mile family bike ride. Then, once I was showered and clean, I went on a lovely bike exploit with the Dude. We cycled a few miles to the nearby train station, put our bikes on the Caltrain, rode up to Burlingame and then cycled the 8 miles home. Fuelled by doughnuts and stopping at every playground we passed, we totaled 10 happy miles. I LOVE how the Dude loves cycling at the moment – he’s inspired by the Tour de France.

By the end of the day, my bottom was a little sore.

Plenty of bikes on the Caltrain. SO nice to see.
Plenty of bikes on the Caltrain. SO nice to see.


Wednesdayrest day

Thursday40 mile bike ride

I didn’t know if I’d manage to get my long ride in this week – finding a  spare 4 hours is not always possible whilst the Dude is home from school. But my wonderful neighbour, at 39 weeks pregnant, offered to take him so I dashed off. I cycled as hard as I could in case her baby started coming. Every time my phone pinged, I checked in case I needed to turn tail and dash home. It was a really nice ride, I’m so enjoying riding again. 40 miles in total at an average speed of 13.7 mph which does NOT reflect how hard I thought I cycled and how fast I thought I was going.

Margarita by the bay
Margarita by the bay


I noticed that I definitely feel more at home on my road bike these days although I have yet to try clipping in. Maybe this next week. (Haha, maybe not).

Fridayrest day

Saturdayunintentional rest day. It was the Husband’s birthday weekend. I had a great active weekend planned – a romantic,evening bike ride in SF on Friday, a long hike in Pinnacles National Park on Saturday and a family bike ride on Sunday. But the man tore 1/4 of his calf muscle on Tuesday at footie so I had to rearrange everything. We ended up spending today sat in an old duck (a WW2 vehicle that goes on land AND water). We were total tourists in San Francisco and it was a LOT of fun. I meant to run later in the day but I wasn’t feeling very well, so I hunkered down with my newly mid-40s husband.

Riding the Ducks like tourists!
Riding the Ducks like tourists!


Sunday9-mile long run

Up at the crack of dawn to run 9 miles which for me is a long way at the moment. By the end, my IT bands were feeling tight but overall I was pretty comfortable and I really enjoyed the run. 10 min mile pace.

So that was it. A pretty decent week, all things considered. Next week, I want to run 3 times and ride 3 times as well. It’s one of my favourite but one of the busiest weeks in the year – Vacation Bible Camp at church, and my college course ends this week too. But hopefully I can make the time to train as well!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Looks like we were both being tourists in SF on Saturday – just separately! We should’ve met up. Oh well. Good luck fitting in all of your workouts this week!

  2. Angela says:

    Sounds like a lovely week back. But poor IronHusband!! Hope he’s feeling better!

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