June Favourites

Oh June, you went so fast and you were so much fun.


I only managed two books this month.

Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart is like a proper version of Wild. It’s the tale of a young woman hiking the Pacific Coast Trail Written by Carrot Quinn, whose hiking blog is full of breathtaking photos and beautiful writing, it really portrayed the highs and lows of hiking the PCT. Apparently doing so is both life-changing and incredible, but also incredibly dull and unpleasant. I mean that as a compliment to the writer – that kind of crazy challenge is all of those things and she is brutally honest about the highs and lows.

L’Adversaire, (The Adversary) by Emmanuel Carrere was the first novel I’ve read in French for a long time and I was pretty chuffed with how much of my language skills came back. It’s the story of a man who suddenly kills his wife, children and parents and it turns out that his entire life has been a lie. I didn’t realise until the end that it was a true story and I was kind of blown away by that fact. The writing style reminded me very much of ‘In Cold Blood’. A really good book. Kind of horrible too. It’s available in English and I really recommend it.


We sadly bade farewell to Game of Thrones – with a hint of relief because I may finally be able to sleep well on a Sunday night without white-walker children and sons of harpies to give me nightmares. Almost as good as the actual show was the Red Nose Day skit where Coldplay do ‘GoT: The Musical‘. The Jaime Lannister song rocks my world. (You have to watch this).

I also rewatched The Triplets of Belleville/Belleville Rendezvous this month, this time with the Dude. I wondered how he’d like it but he adored it. He’s very much into cycling at the moment, so he spent the rest of the evening perched on my bike (in the trainer in the living room) pedaling furiously like the hero. It’s such a lovely movie.


My studies took a two week break for the first half of June, in between semesters. For the last two weeks, my summer course of ‘Observation and Assessment’ has been going on. I have to be honest, I don’t love it, but it’s three credits in six weeks so I’ll persevere!


The only exciting thing I made this month was this delicious zucchini/courgette bread from the Wholefoods website. Not overly sweet but really delish.


My favourite website this month was The Girl Outdoors – a blog by a lovely British girl who just loves spending time outside. Kind of like ‘Just a Colorado Gal’ but in the UK. Lots of photos of countryside and camping.


My obsession this month has been my job. I had a temporary teaching job at the Dude’s old preschool, for their four-week summer school. My first ever teaching job. I can honestly say that I loved every minute. Just loved it. I’ll be volunteering there in the Autumn whilst I continue studying. Can’t wait already!

When I wasn’t teaching or studying, I got pretty obsessive about cycling. I’ve so loved getting back into cycling this month. It was my first love, before I got into running, and doing both sports has made me super-happy.

cycling margarita

Looking Forward To

July is going to be busy. I have my course until the last week, so that’ll keep me occupied but I’m also looking forward to having some time with my little boy. I’ve not seen as much of him in June as I usually do and frankly, I’ve missed his freckled little face.

I’m bunking off my studies for a week in a few days to go to Utah, Wyoming and Idaho on our big National Parks trip. SUPER-excited about that. I want to see a bear and some bison (from a distance) and play a lot of mini-golf.

Also, it’s the Tour de France, which starts on July 4th. I love watching it so I’m really excited. The Husband and I have chosen our fantasy teams (the Husband put a LOT of work into picking his team, I just chose the handsome men). We are ready to rock and roll.

Happy July, everyone!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim says:

    Fun times! Tour de France: won’t miss a turn of the pedal. Your National Parks trip: hopefully you can provide travel notes; I want to put that on my family’s travel itinerary as well (…and bears…we had one peel the door off my wife’s car in Tahoe last month 🙂 ). Enjoy!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I was only thinking of you this week. Hope all is well with you! Thanks for the ‘helpful’ bear tip!! I’ll def make notes for you. My first tip already is to book accommodation MONTHS AND MONTHS in advance. We booked last month and are paying more for our hotel room than we have ever paid for a hotel room before. I keep having to distract the Husband from thinking about it.

      1. Tim says:

        I wouldn’t dream of publicly shaming my wife…but the bear did notice a tasty fresh fruit snack on the front seat. Little punk also seemed to lick every interior surface of the car as well. I say little because apparently the big guys can’t usually turn round to get out the car. That’s when real damage occurs.

      2. Cathryn says:

        Eeek. Note to self…make sure car is empty!

  2. Jen says:

    Have a great trip!!

  3. Layla says:

    Ooh, that hiking book sounds good! I was extremely disappointed with “Wild” (though I really liked the movie, for once). Your description “like a proper version of Wild” is a good sign for me. Although now I see that I’d have to read it on my phone — yay because it’s free, boo because reading a book electronically is a chore for me. Hmmm.

    I’m so excited to hear all about your National Parks trip! The pictures are bound to be gorgeous. Mayyyyybe even better than Tour de France photos. Maybe.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Ebooks are far from my favourite option but it could work well for your forthcoming bike ride? Lots of travelling and one good book on your phone?

      Tour de France. National Parks….it’s going to be coooool.

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