Mountain Towns and Summer Plans

Thanks to everyone for your sympathy and virtual hugs as I moaned last week about not loving running right now! Lots of wisdom in those comments, I really appreciated it!

Last week was a BIG week for me as I started teaching on the Monday. I have a four-week job at ‘Summer School’. Clearly I can’t talk in detail about it on the internet but I will say that never in my life have I loved a week at work as much as I loved last week!! I will also say that after spending my mornings with 4 year olds, my giant 5 year old seems like a teenager!

Plans for the summer are starting to be finalised. My next college course starts on Monday and will last until the end of July. We go to Utah in July, the Dude will be off school and we have Vacation Bible Camp at the end of that month, followed by the Husband’s birthday. So basically, until the end of July, it’s going to be busy.

However on September 20th, I have a little bike ride to be ready for, and I also have this dream of running the 12 mile round-trip up and down Mt Tam over the summer, so I need to be pretty focussed on training!

So I pulled together a plan. Each week, I’ll try to do:

  • A long bike ride (starting at 35 miles, ending at 85 miles).
  • A long run (about 10 miles)
  •  A spin class
  • A tempo run or hill repeats
  • An easy bike ride
  •  An easy run

They’re listed in priority order. If I miss the easy run or ride, I’ll survive but the other four workouts are pretty key. I’m trying to be realistic and recognise that there won’t be many weeks when I manage all six workouts, but I’m going to give it a try!

So far, so good. I started going to spin classes at the gym. I think I sandbagged the first week but yesterday, at the second class, I pushed harder and ended up sweaty and endorphiny afterwards! I did a lovely, gorgeous 35 mile bike ride last Friday (didn’t take any photos….did it really happen?). I did a few runs, none of which were nice, as I discussed last week. All in all, it wasn’t a disastrous week.

At the weekend, we snuck off up to the mountains to my favourite mountain town of Truckee. I seriously love that little town. It’s full of fancy shops (waaay too expensive), and coffee shops, and has the best pizza I’ve eaten in America but it’s also a real mountain town where people live. I just love it, I’d love to move there. We camped at Donner Lake. None of the threatened thunderstorms came (phew) and although it was FREEZING at night, it was beautiful by day. I didn’t do much exercise, just some easy cycling round the lake with my boys and a surprisingly hard workout on the pedal boats on the lake!

donner lake
I really need to try SUPing! (That’s not me in the pic)
Downtown Truckee
This beautiful old building has been empty since at least November. Crying out for a running shop, eh?
us family
Kind of love this photo. (The Husband never smiles properly in photos)
Our campsite visitors were adorable
donner lake
Pedalo with a view
Totally gratuitous photo of the Dude and an obscenely large s’more

This week, I’m just focussing on getting some exercise in daily. I don’t think I’ll manage a big bike ride this week as we’re off to the mountains again at the weekend with some friends but I’m going to try to get a 20-mile ride in during the week and then do some running over the weekend. I’d just like to do ‘something’ every day.

I’m also focussing on sorting out my diet – I’m looking into vitamins and iron (after some good advice in the comments on my last post) – and I’m just going to try some no-pressure running and having some fun.

Here we go.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    I love the photo of the Dude and the giant s’more! Your exercise plan sounds challenging but fun. Excited about Mt. Tam!!!

    1. Cathryn says:

      The Husband bought Jumbo marshmallows which were actually too big to use, but my son managed to eat it.
      My training plan is really unrealistic, I know that. If I manage 2 runs/2 bike rides/week I’ll be happy. Any extra will be wonderful.

  2. dlubi says:

    Great photos!!! I also really dig Truckee – such a great town! Your training plan sounds excellent! Long bike rides, plus a trip up and over Mt.Tam – awesome!

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