Edgewood exploits

It’s been a long time since I ran at Edgewood, my favourite local park! Actually it was August last year. AUGUST, LAST YEAR!!!! How did that happen? I drive past it on my way to college twice a week, just as the evening light is perfect. I see runners head up into the park and cyclists speeding down Canada Road and  even though I’m very happy to be going to college, I grumble inwardly and the desire to run at Edgewood has been eating away at me!

On Saturday, I finally got to scratch that itch. We went to the birthday party of one of the Dude’s little friends, they live just down the road from Edgewood. (Not at all jealous of the redwood in their garden!) So I spent the afternoon hydrating with champagne (and water, honest guv’nor!) and fueling with pizza (and tacos) and then we drove up to Edgewood. My boys went hiking and I set off up the trails.

edgewood trails

Holy macaroni, it was so much harder than I remember! It’s a hilly little park and I frequently had to stop to ‘take photographs’. But despite the tired legs, the ‘full belly’ and the puffing and panting, it was just gorgeous. It’s still fairly green, the wildflowers were out in profusion and it was just really pretty.

edgewood trails
This is what California describes as ‘green’


edgewood trails

edgewood trails

The other thing that struck me was how flipping badass I used to be! Because two years ago, my friend Juli and I flipping pushed strollers around Edgewood. Twice!  The trails I slogged up today, we slogged up pushing strollers. She pushed a DOUBLE STROLLER. I mentally high-fived my 38-year old self!!

stroller trails edgewood

juli stroller trails edgewood

I’d hoped to do 6 miles but I’d arranged to meet the boys at the car-park at 4.30 and I just ran out of time. 5.2 miles in the books. No worries – it was just pretty gorgeous! Made me happy.

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  1. Angela says:

    So pretty! I really want to run there sometime!

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