Last week’s miles


After last weekend’s half-marathon, I was filled with good intentions to run on Monday but I failed. I had loads of study to do in the morning and Nicola and her boyfriend arrived late in the evening after a long, two-day drive from Vegas and frankly, the house needed cleaning, so I put it off!

Tuesday: 6 easy miles

I totally planned to do intervals today but it was much warmer than I expected when I got outside and I had way too many clothes on so I switched it to easy miles and sweated out some impurities.

Thursday:  4 miles with intervals

Super-early miles on the complex’s treadmill. Daylight Savings Time stinks for morning runners – we were just starting to get some light and all of a sudden, it was so dark outside that I was nervous to run intervals outside in case I tripped. I warmed up and then ran 10 repeats of 2 minutes fast, one minute recovery and then cooled down. It was quite fun actually.

Friday: Trail Miles

If you come and stay with me (and you’re a runner) I will definitely take you running through the redwoods. When we leave California, the redwood forests will be one of the things I most miss about the place. There’s something magical about them. So I took Nic to Huddart Park and whilst her boyfriend hiked, we hit the trails and went running. Huddart is spectacularly beautiful but very hilly so we took it easy and wound slowly upwards until we hit the top and then we plunged downwards for seemingly ever. It was beautiful! Somehow we only did 4 miles but they were excellent miles and we took a lot of photos.

I vowed I wouldn’t take any more photos of looking up at the redwoods…but I failed
nicola huddart redwoods
Nicola on the trails
Intriguing twisted trunk!


Sunday: Long Run 

I set out for this week’s long run at about 2pm, which was maybe not wise. It was warm. I was in my sports bra within half a mile! My plan was to run 10 miles up to Coyote Point, a local park, where my boys would meet me with the bikes in the car. We would geocache by bike and then the Husband would run home.

It didn’t work out quite as smoothly. I got to about mile 4 and two things happened simultaneously. Firstly, I suddenly realised that I would not last until the next public bathroom. And at that very moment, I noticed the Husband and the Dude just ahead, holding out a drink and waving. They were surprised but delighted to put me in the car and drive me to the nearest garage to resolve my pressing issue. They then drove me back to the trail, further round and I ran the remaining 3 miles to meet them. Darn, I thought, I’ll only do 7 today. Oh well.

However when then the Husband got my bike out the car, it didn’t have any pedals. They’re on my other bike. (First world problems, I know). So I ended up running alongside the boys on the bike as we geocached. I made up those three miles and did the 10 I’d originally planned…and I found three geocaches all by myself 🙂

Pretty Coyote Point
Pretty Coyote Point

This week will be a little crazy as it’s midterm week. ‘Midterms’ always makes me think of….


….but alas, no Josh Lyman this week. Just one online test, one group presentation (aaaaggggghhhh) and one written test. Not the California bar, I know, but they’re a big deal to me and I want to do well.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

I also want to do well next Sunday when I’m running the Oakland Marathon Relay with Jess, Jen and KP. I’m running leg 3 which is 7 downhill/flat miles and we have AWESOME team tank tops!! Super-excited about it. The Dude is running the 5k, accompanied by his father, it’s going to rock! And I’m hoping to finally meet Diana who I interviewed ages ago for Running the World: China! It’s going to be fab.

So this is probably my only blog post till Sunday due to the aforementioned exams! Wish me luck.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nic J says:

    Good luck on yhour exmas – you’ll nail them!! xx

  2. Grace says:

    REDWOODS! Now I *must* come and visit. 🙂

    1. Jen says:

      I second that! Come visit! 🙂

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