Good endorphin hunting

This week, I finally got some miles in my legs again. I’d had three very lazy weeks (the final week due to food poisoning) but knew I had a good few weeks until my Vegas half-marathon so wasn’t so concerned. Until my friend Nicola, with whom I’ll be running the aforementioned race, casually reminded me that it was only 10 days away. Maybe, she implied, I should get my bottom into gear.

My bottom duly got into gear.

Monday: 4 miles at 9.41 pace. Had 4 miles always been this hard?

Wednesday: 6 miles at 9.41 pace. Springtime bliss. Blossom, jackrabbits and little birds. But still. 6 miles wasn’t easy.

Friday: 8 miles at 9.45. Blustery,pretty chilly. Legs TIRED after 8 miles.

Despite running all these runs at a comfortable pace, my legs felt surprisingly tired for the next few hours. I was a little taken aback.

Sunday: 10 miles at 9.25 pace.

And boom…it was like a light went on!  I left the house at 6.15 as the dawn was starting to break. My first ‘light’ dark run of the winter. That made me happy. And at mile 2, I realized I was REALLY enjoying the run. And by the time I hit the bay trail at mile 4, the sun was coming up like a ball of fire over the east bay hills and it was gorgeous. Somehow, the whole run was just brilliant. My legs felt pretty fresh throughout and I got home buzzing from the endorphins. Suddenly, I was crazy back in love with running and really excited about running next week’s race and the Spring of 10k’s*.

Fire LIT!

sunrise foster city
Literally, eh? Apologies if you’ve seen this already on IG. If not, why don’t you follow me?


* 10ks? 10k’s? Your thoughts? 

Later that day, we went out on the bikes, geocaching in Redwood Shores. It was one of those lovely afternoons. Sunny and warm. We found every single geocache we looked for including two that we’d looked for and failed to find before. That was very satisfying. We notched up 13.4 miles, the Dude’s longest ever ride. What a great end to a great day.

In other news…

I mentioned on Saturday that we’re going to Maui at the end of March. Well handily, our trip coincides with the Maui 5k for Kids. To be clear, it’s a 5k for everyone to run but it benefits kids. So all three of us have signed up to run it!! I’ll probably be running it with the Dude as the Husband has run with him at races lately and so it’s his turn to fly but I am so excited about ‘racing’ in Hawaii!

(Also, if you have any Maui tips, let me know?)

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  1. Nic J says:


    Glad you have your running mojo back, ready for THIS SATURDAY! xxx

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