We were on a break!

I am watching far too many old episodes of Friends on Netflix at the moment.

I’m a firm believer that after a big race, you should rest. Give your body and your spirit a break. For a couple of reasons. Partly, I think your body needs time to rest. You’ve been training for months. Your body is tired. You raced your socks off. To avoid injury, I firmly believe it’s wise to rest for a bit.

But also for psychological reasons. You’ve been training for months. You’re a little burned out. You’re slightly sick of running so many miles. Your race has loomed over you for a while and came and went in a flash of adrenaline. And now you’re drained. If it went well, the glory and excitement still sparkles, but often the thought of running long still fills you with dread. If you missed a PR by 20 seconds, then there’s maybe some lingering disappointment and a little disenchantment with running. In both cases, it’s time to rest. Be ‘on a break’ with running.

I can honestly say that I have no lingering disappointment with Kaiser – I did the best I could. But I must admit that I am so relieved not to be training hard. My college courses are CRAZY busy. Full on. I’m either studying, at class or with my son every hour of the day. Every hour is accounted for and since classes started, I’ve struggled to find the time and the energy to run. Sometimes, sleep IS more important.

So since Kaiser, I’ve had two very easy weeks. That first week after, I ran just once, 5 trail miles on my birthday. This past week, I’ve run 3 times. Each run has been totally unremarkable – slow, easy, plugged into my audiobook and just for fun. It’s been great.

40 birthday wunderlich trails

My running has been supplemented by a lovely birthday-celebrating hike with some of my girls and their kids at Edgewood which was VERY muddy and a lot of fun. The signposting and some of the trail names have been changed since I was there last – that was confusing.


edgewood hiking

And on Saturday, I finally got to ride my new bike. It rained the weekend I got her and then, when the sun came out, I had to study. But yesterday, we went family geocaching in Redwood Shores and I notched up 10 (very slow, 5-year-old speed) miles on her. First impressions are good – she’s light and fast and the fit is great, although aluminium/carbon is considerably less bouncy and accommodating than steel! The weather has been glorious here this week and we had a lot of fun. I’m super-proud of the Dude doing 10 moan-free miles, his second longest ride ever.

cycling neon
All the neon!

But this week, I have to start running a little harder. This is the Spring of 10k’s and I am genuinely excited about it. I am running a half marathon in Vegas in March but not ‘racing’ it, just running with a friend on her 40th birthday. Thus my next ‘race’ is the Oakland Marathon Relay where I’m running in a team of four with Jen, Jess and KP. So I need to start training.

As I’ve said, time is very limited now. I LOVE studying so much, but it’s taking up all my time, so weekly training will look like this:

– One easy 6 miler

– One easy 6 miler with tempo miles thrown in, starting at 2 and working up to 5.

– One 6 miler with 20 intervals of fast/slow running.

– One long run of 10 miles, maybe with one or two faster miles thrown in at the end, depending on how the legs feel.

It’s not scientific, it’s not slick but I think it’s realistic and will help me work on speed ready for the 10k Spring. I’m ready to run a little harder!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s always good to take a break after training so hard. Can’t think of a better way to relax than exercising but in a different way. 😉 Sounds like you are finding a good balance between training and school. Stay with it.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks! My balance has been interrupted this week due to mild (didn’t feel mild) food poisoning. One more ‘rest week’, eh?

  2. Jen says:

    It’s definitely good to rest and recharge – both mentally and physically. I’m excited about your new adventures with Margarita. 🙂

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