Kaiser Half training: week 11

Last week was different in that I went back to the UK for a few days. It was utterly delightful to be home, even for a sad reason. I flew on Tuesday night and got back to California on Sunday evening. Five days without my little man. I got lots of cuddles last night.

In terms of training, it impacted my Kaiser training to some degree. I got my long run in before I left and managed to run on 2 of the 3 full days I was in the UK but I didn’t do any speed work which was really what I needed to do. But that’s life, sometimes.


Monday: Long Run

This week’s long run was 14 miles with a ‘fast finish’. (Ha). The first 12 miles were roughly 10 minute miles and the final two miles came in at 8.51 and 8.59 which I was quite happy with actually. 14 miles at 9.39 pace.

Tuesday: Recovery run

4.5 very easy miles before getting on a plane. 10.04 pace.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Hill repeats and easy run

I ran 10 repeats up and down Mum and Dad’s hilly road before cruising round the village checking out my favourite spots. Had to change my route when my little path turned into a sea of mud.

Friday: 3.7 mile hike

I wanted to run today but we were all a little drained so we went for a lovely family hike. Dad steered us onto a bridle path that I’ve been meaning to hunt out for years so that was great. Lots of thatched cottages, lots of ivy-strewn trees and an 11th century church. Pretty great.

The parents head off into the woods
The parents head off into the woods
Out of the woods into the fields
Out of the woods into the fields
The surprising thing I miss about the UK. Fields of sheep.
The surprising thing I miss about the UK. Fields of sheep.
For sale. 3 beds next to a stream and a mile from the parents. 425,000 GBP (about $650,000)
For sale. 425k GBP (about $650k)

Saturday: Easy Run

6 chilly miles in the afternoon at 9.54 pace.

Sunday: Rest Day as I flew home.


In terms of running, it wasn’t a great week but obviously as I said earlier, that’s life. It was good to be home and good to run some different streets. I mentioned last week that I was fed up with the same old streets and there was a lot of agreement in the comments, so just running elsewhere was delightful. I had forgotten how hard it is to run in cold weather – not so much the actual running as the psyching up beforehand to get out the door. I wore a LOT of clothes running and let’s just say I didn’t look chic and elegant!

This week, I have one mega-long run on Friday and I’ll be focussing on speed work. I’m aiming to get some intervals and a decent tempo run in, as well as some foundation runs. This is my last big week training before Kaiser. My training cycle has definitely not been perfect, far from it, but I’m starting to think about the race itself and get excited!

And finally, L’Equipe newspaper has done a 25 minute film about Anton Krupicka, which is definitely worth seeing. A lot of it is in French but even if your French n’existe pas, the pictures are VERY pretty. Click HERE to watch. Enjoy.

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  1. Layla says:

    Life happens, but that’s ok, and sometimes I think it’s good to be forced to change things around. After all, that can happen in a race (stuck behind slow people, have to make an emergency bathroom stop, late start, etc). It’s how you deal with it that matters — and you’ve still got the base mileage and fitness, which really are the most important things.

    I’m sorry your reason for going home was a sad one, but I’m glad you saw the beauty in it.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I def have the base mileage but I don’t feel fast. I feel sluggish, know what I mean? I have about a week to rectify that!

  2. Grace says:

    Cute house. But pricey! Which part of the UK do your parents live in? Glad you managed to mostly stick to your training.

    Oh boy, I’ve forgotten how tough it can be to get out the door when it’s cold (also: I just bought some maternity workout pants from Target and had them shipped to the husband’s in anticipation of having some actual cold weather to run in!!)

    1. Cathryn says:

      They live in Wiltshire, down in the south, near Stonehenge. It’s not a cheap area but it’s not particularly expensive and the scary thing is that I thought the house was super cheap compared to prices here in the Bay Area where it would literally be twice that price. Oh how my perspective has been skewed!

      It is NO fun to go outside in the cold but the worst thing is definitely the going outside. Once I got going, i was fine! When will you get some cold weather? Excited for you.

      1. Grace says:

        Heh, the Singapore property market is the same (equally insane). 🙂 As for the cold weather…I am still waiting on that visa, grrr.

  3. Nic J says:

    Managed a run in -3C this week, so feeling…smug? insane? tough as old boots? Not sure. I do know it was beautiful, and that my eyes watered all the way round. I also looked like Michelin Man, and knocked a min of my prev PB for that particular route. I suspect the cold may have helped me move a bit faster!
    Great to speak to you while you were over – definitely starting to get proper excited, so need to do some planning and scheduling for our trip over to you!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I’m so excited for you to be here. Nice work on the FREEZING cold run. I was so warm today I ran in a sleeveless top. Can’t say I was complaining.

  4. Rachel Thompson says:

    I love the sheep picture waaay too much!

    1. Cathryn says:

      It’s not baaaad is it 🙂

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