Two cool things

Hello from the sunny UK. Actually, hello from a grey, cold, wintry UK which is making me me rethink my love of Winter. Four years in Califoria has turned me into a Winter Wimp. I’m here for my Grandad’s funeral and although it’s been tougher than I expected and pretty sad, it’s also really nice to be home and to see my wonderful family and so many friends.

Also…flying without children is just a delight!

Anyway. This is just a quick blog post to say two things.

1) Parkrun is coming to San Francisco

I’ve mentioned parkrun several times before and finally got to run my first, in Leeds, back in the summer. It’s a series of free, weekly 5k races held around the UK – pretty much every sizeable UK town has a race. The impact of parkrun on UK sport and UK running has been significant. It has brought so many people into running.

There are a few parkruns in the States but none near me, so when my friend Dan emailed me to say that it’s finally coming to San Francisco, I was pretty much beside myself. The race will take place on Crissy Field, under the Golden Gate Bridge every Saturday at 9am. I’m not yet sure if I can get to the inaugural race on January 24th but I’m definitely planning to be there as soon as I can. My little 5k-running monster will be so excited about it! If you’re local, DO go and support it. It’s a brilliant addition to the SF running scene.

Crissy Field. Park Run with a view.
Crissy Field. parkrun with a view.

1) #thisgirlcan

I’m not sure if you’ve seen this campaign or hashtag on Twitter but if you haven’t, you should check it out. It’s a new campaign here in the UK to get women working out and it is just brilliant. So down to earth, so much fun. It challenges women to just get into it despite their wobbly bits and their physical flaws. To have fun in the body they’re currently in, not waiting till they’re thinner before trying exercise. It encourages women to try something different and new. It’s exciting and empowering.

Most people reading this blog will probably already be into exercise in some shape or form, and we probably don’t remember or understand how intimidating it can be to try exercise for the first time.  But I’ve already seen friends on FB getting back into exercise and hashtagging it #thisgirlcan. Just brilliant. Watch the ads here.

And that’s it. I’m off for a walk with the parents. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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  1. So cool about the parkrun, so sorry to hear about your Grandad. Enjoy your time with family and have a safe trip.

  2. Grace says:

    So sorry to hear about your Granddad. Hope your family’s holding up all right.

    I’ve been meaning to do the Singapore parkruns as well but they’re Saturday mornings and so far away from where I live, I’ve been loath to go all the way out there for ‘just 5K’… but I know I’ll enjoy it if I do.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yeah, it’s hard to travel for a 5k isn’t it…but free? That could persuade me. I didn’t know they had them in Singapore!!

  3. Rachel Thompson says:

    They’ve just started opening the Roundhay Park cafe early enough for post parkrun flat white. This seriously could tip the balance for me to go, and outway my fear of someone yelling “sub-30” at me;) Our neighbour has taken his boys and they’ve really enjoyed it.

    The thisgirlcan thing is picking up speed. There’s some concern we’re still referring to women as girls but the fact people are already trying to find fault in it shows exactly why some girls and young women are put off. Well done to Sport England!

    1. Cathryn says:

      DO IT, lady. You’d love it, especially if the cafe is open. The course is brutal though. All those hills, it nearly killed me.

      I pondered the choice of ‘girl’ as well but decided that we girls tend to refer to ourselves as girls and this is a female-centric campaign so I didn’t mind it. I LOVE the ethos behind it so much.

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