Kaiser Half Training: Week 9

I can see why races are not recommended during a training cycle. They muck things up. They incur extra days of rest in the interests of tapering. They incur extra days of rest in the interests of  recovery. They interfere with your mojo. I get it.

But they’re fun, aren’t they!


Monday: Rest.    My knee was still sore so I decided to rest it.

Tuesday: 6 miles easy.     

My last Zero Dark Thirty run of 2014. Super easy before Thursday’s race. 6.1 miles at 9.58 pace. 

Wednesday: Rest/Taper

Thursday:  Race to End World Hunger 10k.

Friday: 5.6 mile Bike Ride

We headed over to Coyote Hills in the East Bay, packing 2 1/2 bikes in the back of a Honda Fit! It was pretty chilly even in the sunshine. We cycled 5.6 miles in about a million hours. The Dude moaned all the way up hills, stopped for numerous drink stops, fueling stops, bench stops, animal spotting stops, falling-off stops and then he hurtled downhill squealing non-stop. This wasn’t exactly a ‘workout’ but it was fun!

See the boys anywhere?
See the boys anywhere?

Saturday: Long Run  The Triple Challenge

I was all set to run long this morning. My clothes were set out ready to go when the alarm went off at 5.30. It was dark, it was very cold and I just went back to sleep. I feel a bit guilty as this was my only long-run opportunity all weekend. Bearing in mind last week’s ‘long run’ was only 9 miles, this missed run might prove decisive in my PR attempt. However, I rectified the situation as best I could.  I decided to do a Triple! I’d run in the morning and the evening today, and then run again tomorrow morning. Three 6-milers within 25 hours. I could do that.

So at 7am I was out the door. It was FREEZING cold (well, about 4 deg C) and there was frost on the grass and on roofs, which never happens here. I ran 6 easy miles. I wasn’t too chilly when running although I probably should have worn a hat. 6 miles at 9.54 pace.


That evening, I was out again. I used our complex’s treadmill because it was VERY dark and pretty cold again and I just couldn’t face running outside. I plugged in to my new audiobook and ground those miles out. 6 miles at 9.41 pace.

Sunday: Final Triple Challenge Run

6.30am and I’m out the door. I had more clothes on so I wasn’t not as cold as yesterday. It was warmer anyway. It was totally worth getting out so early as I ran through the most beautiful sunrise. I took so many photos that I had to cut my run slightly short to get back in time for the Husband’s bike ride with friends. 5.6 miles at 9.58 pace.

The first glimmers of dawn.
The first glimmers of dawn.



This week, I got enough miles in (30 altogether) and ironically I hit the magical 80/20 mark but that missed long run kind of rankles me. I’ve worked through my training plan for the next few weeks and I think I can recover from it.

One fun thing that happened was that I inadvertently bought some new shoes. The Dude and I went to a museum in San Jose and, in our family, ice-creams always follow museums. The closest ice-cream place was in lovely Willow Glen and opposite it was a running store. So we casually wandered in to have a look. And there, on the bargain table outside, was the pinkest pair of shoes I have ever seen…in my size. Asics GT 1000. I think they’re a Breast Cancer campaign pair as they came with ribbon laces (!). Apparently they’re neutral and they felt fine in the shop and for $50, who was I to say no? So I didn’t. I ran in them on Saturday morning. They’re fine.  They are pretty uncushioned, especially for a girl who loves her cushioning, but they were comfy enough. I’ll use them for runs of up to 6 miles but not for speed work. They’ll be good for the gym. They’ll also be good for people to see me coming.

I've named them the Pink Ladies
I’ve named them the Pink Ladies

One of my 2015 goals is to get back into cycling and do a century ride. (I have no secret plans to go to the dark side of triathlon, let me make that clear). As such I’ve been loitering in bike shops, eyeing up new carbon beauties (just in the interest of research, clearly) and I bought a new helmet as mine was about 8 years old. It may be new and sleek but it still makes me look like an alien! Tomorrow (Monday) I’m going out for my first decent bike ride for probably a couple of years!!!

This coming week, I’m aiming to get two good long runs in and be a little more disciplined. The Dude is back at school, so that will help. I’ve lost 2 lbs since Christmas so I just need to keep that momentum going.

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  1. Layla says:

    Oops, I never came and commented on your blog about cycling, as I had planned. I’ve also been bicycle shopping — for months now. I wish I couldn’t tell the difference between cheaper and more expensive bikes, but alas, I can certainly feel it. As a result, my price point went up, so I haven’t bought a new bike yet… That said, I haven’t visited ANY shops in the south bay, so I could easily be convinced to head your direction for a ride and/or bike shopping adventures!

    Also, I’m so impressed that you got 2 1/2 bikes into your car! And three people?! My Toyota Corolla would NOT allow that unless they were completely disassembled. Even then, I don’t think a third person would fit.

    1. Cathryn says:

      You should def come and cycle. The boys go out on Sunday mornings, if you ever fancy joining them. 30 – 40 miles. I’m not doing many long rides till the Husband’s 1/2 IM is done in April – we have to take it in turns to be gone for long rides. But if you want to come over here, I’d LOVE to come bike shopping with you and to go out on a shorter ride!

      The Honda Fit is seriously amazing for its storage capacity. We take off the front wheels of my bike and the Husband’s, and the Dude’s stays intact and it fits in fairly comfortably, even with the Dude in the back seat. I flipping love my car!!

      1. Layla says:

        I don’t have a cycling training plan, so any distance is fine for me — including test rides. 🙂 Once you’re back from the UK, let me know when your schedule works! (I’m cool with watching The Dude while you test ride, if that helps.)

      2. Cathryn says:

        That’s so kind, thanks. I’ll email you this week x

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