Kaiser Half Training: Week Three

Somehow this week, my little man turned five. I hate to be that mum who moans about how big her baby is getting…but FLIPPING HENRY, MY BABY IS SO BIG!

Opening his enormous pile of presents on birthday morning
Opening his enormous pile of presents on birthday morning

Birthday Boys need Birthday Parties. And that happened too. In the rain. Outside.

We are Hardy Brits
We are still Hardy Brits

And then three of my in-laws arrived from the UK! Six of us in a two-bedroom flat. Snuggly. And then the cat kept wandering off back to the old place, and he totally freaked out. So I’ve been comforting him all week too.

In between ALL of that, I somehow managed to rack up 29 miles of decent training!


Monday: Rest Day.  And I did actually rest this week.

Tuesday: 12 mile long run.

I snuck this week’s long run in before scooting off to the airport to pick up the family, I thought it might be my only opportunity this week. I was a little dismayed by this run. I maintained an easy pace throughout with one tempo mile at  M4 but my legs were SO tired at the end. I thought easy paces were supposed to mean not feeling knackered. I ran 12 miles  three minutes slower than I ran 13 miles a few weeks ago on burned-out legs. Starting to be a little nervous about this slow training. 12 miles at 10.26 pace

Wednesday: 6 mile easy run

These 5.30am wake up calls are definitely getting easier  and I actually relish those 6am dark runs! I didn’t expect that to happen. It’s not cold though, we are so lucky with the temperatures. 6 miles at 10.16 pace.

Thursday: Rest Day.   Spent the day celebrating my favourite little boy turning a whole hand old.

Friday: Intervals

I was supposed to do hill-reps today but driving to a hill and back wasn’t going to happen due to family responsibilities, so I switched to intervals. They went well! After warming up, I ran 13 intervals of 1 min fast/1 min recovery and then cooled down. My overall pace was 8.52 which was a great improvement over last week’s intervals! Felt good. This was also my inaugural run in new shoes…more on that below. 4 miles at 8.52 pace

Saturday: Rest Day

It was a very busy morning, organizing a party for 80 in the rain with a bouncy castle but it went better than I’d dared hope. I came home, drank hot chocolate and went to sleep for two hours. I’d intended to run today, but instead I slept! It was bliss.

Sunday: Easy run with 2 miles at tempo

Another 6am dark run. 5 miles at comfy pace (around 10 min miles) and the last two miles at tempo. I bust a gut and somehow churned them out at 8.16 and 8.12. Can’t remember the last time I saw those speeds so I was utterly delighted. Loving the new shoes. 7.3 miles at 9.33 pace.

I meant to run again tonight and make it a doubles day but we rejigged our plans for next week, which means I’ll be doing my long run tomorrow, so I opted out and we’re going to see Hungry Games tonight instead. I kind of wish I’d pushed over the 30 mile mark, but I’m not stressed.


This week has been a roller coaster as regards my views on 80/20 training.

My long run at the start of the week really made me question this training method. I felt like I was slower and slower, and long runs were getting harder and harder. I was a little dejected about it But the interval training gave me hope and Sunday morning’s tempo session utterly delighted me. I have no idea how I’ll handle a half-marathon at those paces, it feels impossible, but last week just one mile at those paces felt impossible so I shall not panic quite yet!

This week was exciting in that I bought my first pair of Hokas. I have eyed these strange beasts with both curiosity and skepticism for a LONG time and it was kind of inevitable that I’d try them eventually, being a big fan of cushioning. I heard that the Cliftons were much less extreme in terms of cushioning than others in their brand. In addition, the reviews were spectacular and I kept spotting Various  Local  Running  Bloggers wearing them so I thought, what the heck! They arrived on Thursday and I greeted their arrival with the same measured and realistic hopefulness with which America greeted Obama’s first election. MAGIC SHOES! TOTALLY GOING TO PR! I MIGHT EVEN FLY!

So clean! Before our first outing when I got dog-poo on my shiny new shoes
So clean! Before our first outing when I got dog-poo on my shiny new shoes

I’m two runs in and so far, I like them very much although I have yet to actually fly. My knees have felt a little ‘pounded’ in recent weeks and they definitely ache less after a Hoka run. It’s still early days. I do think they’re pretty though, and not totally weird looking like other Hokas!

Not too weird?
Not too weird? Asics Nimbus v Hoka Clifton

This week, our Crazy November continues with the arrival of one final UK Ramsden, a four-day trip to Tahoe and Thanksgiving! I’m off to buy some hair-dye to cover those grays!

16 Comments Add yours

  1. You are too cute. Love that quote about Obama! I tried the Hokas at my running store went I got my last shoes and I just couldn’t get into them. Let me know how they work. Not sure I will get them but I am always willing to try new things.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thank you 🙂

      I’ve been skeptical of the Hokas, I have to be honest, and there’s no way I’ll run trails in them due to ankle-twisting opportunities. But so far (3 runs), I REALLY like these shoes! I believe they’re less bulky than others in the range, they definitely feel like an easy way into HokaWorld! We’ll see.

  2. Oh forgot! Happy Birthday Little Dude!

  3. padraigjapan says:

    Great report. I had heard a lot about Hokas on the Endurance Planet Podcast but I had not idea that they look like clogs as they are not sold in Japan (I think) so thanks for filling in the blanks. Good luck with your training.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Clogs? CLOGS? Okay, you have a point. They’re a little odd. Check out the Hoka site for other, much wierder shoes! So far, I like them though. I feel like they’re helping my legs with the increased mileage and training. Very early days though.

      1. padraigjapan says:

        I apologize. It was late when I called them clogs. My friend is trying to buy a pair but cannot find them in Tokyo so I pointed him to your site. We will be following with interest to see how you get on.

    2. Cathryn says:

      No worries about the clogs comment 🙂 I’m intrigued to see how they work out as well!

  4. Angela says:

    Nice week!! And Happy Birthday to the Dude!!

  5. Jen says:

    Great week! And I won’t disown you for going over to the dark side (i.e., Hokas). 😉

    1. Cathryn says:

      Hehehe….we both knew it would happen at some point!

  6. Grace says:

    Happy birthday, wee Dude! The Hokas are…fascinating. I will always prefer less shoe, as I’ve long since learnt that I need to be able to feel the ground. But I have friends who are total devotees. Ultrarunners, I may add. Must be doing something right.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I’m deffo not an ultra runner…but so far so good. I did wonder if I should try more minimal shoes on trails at least. I fall a lot on trails, I wonder if being closer to the ground might alleviate that?

  7. MILF Runner says:

    I like my Hokas, but all I do is walk 🙂

    Happy birthday to your boy! We were just talking about him the other day. My girl wants to visit the boy with the race car bed again and jump off it.

    Great job with your training 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      She should come and jump 🙂

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