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This is a slightly random blog post. I’ll try to structure it clearly, so it doesn’t veer off in all directions too much.

Feedzone Portables

I mentioned this book a few posts ago when I tried a rice cake during my trail run. Several commenters were keen to hear more about it. I’m going to do a review once I’ve tested a few more recipes but this is likely to be a few weeks away and there were a few links I wanted to flag for those interested. I made three more recipes tonight ready for the weekend and they look good!

  • Salty Running did a fantastic review of the book with a recipe. Read it HERE.
  • Grace sent me a link to a whole batch of recipes that you should have a crack at. Read the article HERE.

Running (and life)

My May goal was to run 120 miles…and I hit that nail firmly on the head. 120 miles in the books. Felt great.

June has started much less impressively. Some bloggers are all…’I ran 12 miles every day this week and drank 12 pints of beer every day too’. This blogger basically sat on the sofa all week..and it was great.

I exaggerate a little…but not much. My main excuses are that:

  1.  I had some shin pain after Saturday’s trail run of gloriousness and I wanted to let it fade. This is true and the pain did fade.
  2.  The Dude is off pre-school so my usual running times are no more. This is also true but it’s a poor excuse.
  3.  I know that June will be a low-mileage month due to my forthcoming trip to the UK and I clearly wanted to launch Low-Mileage Month with style. 🙂  This doesn’t reflect well on me.

Let me dwell a moment on point 2. This isn’t a parenting blog but if you’ve been here a while, you may remember the Dude’s first day at pre-school back in March ’13. Last Friday was his LAST day at pre-school, he starts ‘Transitional Kindergarten’ in September. (TK is a California thing for kids that just miss the cut-off for actual school). I no longer have a pre-schooler. I am not one of those mothers who bemoans her child growing up but I can’t deny it’s a little bittersweet.

The first day of pre-school
The first day of pre-school

I also need to start thinking about getting an actual job come September. Anyone want to employ a British girl who hasn’t worked for 5 years and recently took a full day to remember the word ‘synergy’?

Anyway. Running.

I felt it only polite to mark National Running Day on Wednesday, so I was up at 6am, out the door at 6.30 and ran 9 solid miles. I actually had one of my Feedzone Portable rice-cakes before the run as breakfast was out the question, and it was brilliant. My average pace was 9.22 which dismayed me a little…I feel like I’ve lost all the ‘speed’ I ever had and realistically I won’t be doing speed work in June due to traveling. It’ll come back…

Friday morning, I squeezed in another six miles in between packing for the UK, packing for the weekend away and printing off endless forms for our trip to the US embassy! 6.3 miles at a 9.12 pace. Not going to break any records but it was lovely to be out and running this morning.

 This week-end’s exciting plans

That’s all the running I’ll most likely be doing this week as we’re heading up to Placerville tomorrow for the Husband’s first Half-Iron-Man in Folsom Lake. He’ll be doing: 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles cycling, 13.1 miles running – it’s a bit of an undertaking, especially as the forecast is 108 F/42 C. (Thanks to Jen for putting me right on Twitter this week.)

Will anyone seriously offer me a job?

I’m kind of dreading just spectating in that heat, let alone competing, and the half-marathon section will be in the middle of the day. Poor guy. I reckon Whistler will seem easy compared to this!

Anyway…we’re staying with a total stranger from the internet, Alisyn whose blog I read. She kindly offered to have us overnight and we gladly accepted. I’m really looking forward to meeting her but especially excited about meeting her super-cute dog! Alisyn and I might sneak a run in tomorrow evening…but we’re taking some nice wine so maybe we won’t. 🙂

Happy Weekend, everyone!!!

14 Comments Add yours

  1. I feel for your slowing down. I have been reading others blogs and they have been struggling with the same thing. I think it is the summer, or at least that is what I am going to blame it on. I felt faster in the cold of winter than I do right now. Just keep running as much as you want because summer is hard to train for anything but it will pay off in the cooler months of september and october. As far as the dude, I understand. They grow up so fast. I can’t believe I will have a 20 year old in August. Seems like just yesterday I was able to stay at home with her and do mommy/daughter things.
    Good Luck to the husband, he is doing something incredible (also to be read “something I never want to do.”) Happy Weekend!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I think it’s directly related to me not really having done any speedwork for several weeks now (due to not having any races). I kind of feel okay about it but also not okay, if that makes sense. My plan is to have an easy June, increase mileage in July and then start working on speed again in August so I have a plan…which helps. Thanks for your thoughts to the Husband…he did well out there today.

  2. Grace says:

    Enjoy that trip home! I for one am glad your blog consists of way more than miles, beer, and pretty pictures 🙂

    I think it’s possible to just chill out and enjoy running even if you’re not running at speeds you could attain before. Salty Running had a piece on this very question – can you run without racing?
    I know I’ve slowed down tremendously the last couple of months – thanks to marathon training, my legs are fried all the time! (And, ahem, the last three weeks contained entirely too little speedwork and too much gelato.)

    Good luck to IronHusband! Triathletes are the toughest human beings I know. (Actually, triathlon spectators who double up as crew while herding small children are tougher.) By the time the run starts it’s midday…whoa. I don’t even leave a building voluntarily at midday, let alone run a half marathon. Let us know how it goes!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks so much for your good wishes to the Husband. The conditions were brutal out there today so I’m so proud of him.

      Can you ever have too much gelato?? 🙂

  3. Jen says:

    Thanks for the links to the Feedzone Portables — I’ll have to check out the recipes, as your photos and descriptions make them sound delicious!

    I LOL’ed at the temperature-related tweet. By the way, I just noticed that I also screwed up — it’s “Celsius” not “Celcius”. Oops. Good luck to Mr. R tomorrow!! I know that ultra runners sometimes race with ice in their caps or around their necks in a handkerchief — maybe rig him something up like that? I’ve also heard that slurpees/ice slushie drinks are good at cooling core temps. Maybe you can hand him one at each transition?

    1. Cathryn says:

      Your spelling error makes me feel better 🙂

      The Husband secretly regrets not folllowing my advice/your advice to wear ice around his neck. Next time, next time!!

  4. Angela says:

    Will definitely be checking out some of those recipes!!

    Belated good luck to the Iron Husband — I hope all went well & you all had a great day!!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yeah, thanks, it was a good day. DO try the recipes…maybe not good for racing hard but great for long training runs.

  5. Sharyn says:

    Thanks for the links to the recipes. Will definitely have a look, as I like the idea of eating real food.
    Good luck for your husband in his half iron man. Can’t even imagine what it would take to complete one of those 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks for the good wishes…he survived, although it was brutal out there today. I think his ironman will be easier, almost!

  6. The recipes of your book definitely look great. Good luck to your husband and good luck to you and my Lucky Charm for the spectating part. Have a nice week-end 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      How did your trail race go? Can’t wait to hear.

  7. Alisyn says:

    Can hardly wait until you are here!!!! We can chat all about running slow! Welcome to my world!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yay for seeing you and for slow running in the summer x

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