Getting back at it!

I never fail to marvel at how much running helps keep me calm and upbeat. Last week was purposely a Slacker Week. I’d raced the previous Saturday, it was Spring Break for the Dude and also Easter…therefore, the perfect week to scale back on my running and relax a little.

Now I LOVE being lazy. I am ashamed to admit it but I find my rest days to be perfectly delightful and I am inclined to laziness by nature. (If you run enough, people don’t believe that, but it’s true). But by the end of the week, I found myself getting grumpy and tetchy, and feeling bloated and lardy. There were a few other factors contributing to this (all silly, unimportant, first world issues) but the lack of running definitely contributed to my grumpiness.

So this week, I just wanted to get back at it again. I wanted to notch up some miles. I wasn’t fussed about speed, I just wanted to put some hours in, to get some miles under my feet and to start to feel more like myself again.

Monday: 9.4 hilly miles at 10.07 pace

Took advantage of pre-school to run some hilly miles. I was mildly disappointed by the pace but not overly so. It was nice to be back out there.

Tuesday: 9 mile weehoo cycle ride

Took the Dude out on the new weehoo to see how we coped. There’s a lot that I like about the weehoo but my word, it’s heavy and cumbersome. It has the turning circle of an oil tanker! But the Dude liked it and had a lot of fun. We cycled the Fisherman’s Wharf – Golden Gate Bridge – Sausalito ferry loop on a very VERY windy day so it was a bit of a slog but we made it and rewarded ourselves with ice-cream.

weehoo GGB cycling Wednesday: 10.23 miles at 9.49

I’m starting to really like the 10 mile distance. Long enough to feel like a really good long run, short enough to avoid the Dying Swan feeling of those last miles of a 12-miler. This run had some hills in it but a lot of flat and I really enjoyed it. Listened to the Talk Ultra podcast about Marathon des Sables and spent the whole time marveling at the crazies who run it!!

Thursday: 3.5 miles walk on treadmill at 16.15 pace Didn’t get to run today but spent an hour on our Walking-Pace-Only treadmill in the evening. Let me tell you something…never buy a Walking-Pace-Only treadmill!

Anyway, after this week…  suffice to say that I feel a WHOLE lot more like myself! By the way, if you’re in San Francisco this coming week, the Trails In Motion film festival is on Wednesday night! Come and keep me company 🙂

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  1. Sherry says:

    I love that feeling of a long run too – after my shorter weekday runs squeezed in after work, they feel like a ‘proper’ run and good for the soul!
    Thanks so much for featuring me on your Running the World series – it was a lot of fun. When you come to NZ I’ll take you out for a nice long run!

    1. Cathryn says:

      No, thank YOU for all your help! I am LOVING putting these posts together, it’s so much fun! I really hope we come to NZ this Autumn and we get to run together! Hopefully in some mountains!

  2. I feel super sluggish, lardy and blah when I don’t work out or run. I had plenty of those weeks the past few months and last week was one that I actually felt pretty damn good about 🙂 Running just makes me feel strong (though not after a few weeks off, oh boy) and getting the miles in makes me feel like I am accomplishing something for myself. Yay.

    I have no idea what what a walking pace treamill is, but it doesn’t sound like fun o.O; Your bike ride sounds like fun though 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      It’s remarkable isn’t it, what a difference a few good runs makes!

      The walking treadmill is a tready that only goes 4 mph so you can only walk on it. Not run. It has a desk, which is cool, but it’s ridiculous to have a treadmill you can’t run on!

  3. Same here ! I like being lazy too, but, I have to admit I am way more irritable when I am not running or doing sports in general. I don’t even know how I was doing before. Now, I need it.

    Also, not really related… but, still, yes, a little bit. If you know about the Marathon des Sables, I “know” someone who did it this year (I never met him but I follow his blog). And, as a matter of fact, I posted an interview of him on my blog today ! I was fascinated by his adventure and decided to go for it and ask him if he would be ok to answer some of my questions. I went a little bit crazy with the number of questions (I have so many things to ask him), but it is SO interesting to read his answers. I mean, I personally found it very interesting.

    Anyways, I will stop with my already too long comment 😉 Have a good week-end shoes-twin 🙂

  4. Cathryn says:

    I saw you had a blog post about the MdS and am looking forward to reading it later tonight. It sounds CRAZY!!!!

  5. Jen says:

    It isn’t a fun feeling to be “lardy” but I still got a chuckle out of that word (maybe it’s an American vs. Brit thing?). Glad you got back to it, and excited about your future weehoo adventures!

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