What does a running blogger post about on a Monday when she’s done absolutely no running all weekend?

Cycling, of course.

The Dude was born into a cycling household. Before he was born, we cycled everywhere and were obsessed with cycling, similar to my running obsession now. Once he was here, running was a whole load easier than getting out on the bike…and gradually running took over. But over the past four years, we’ve had a number of contraptions to enable us to cycle.

1) The trailer

Bought second-hand when I was four months pregnant. We used this from when he was 4 months old, with his car-seat strapped into the trailer until he was old enough to sit in it alone. We’ve loved it (and trashed it, over the years) but now he’s older he finds it a little lonely and boring behind me.

The Dude's first bike ride in the FREEZING cold of a UK March
The Dude’s first bike ride in the FREEZING cold of a UK March

2) The Skuut

Found in the dumpster at our apartment complex, the Husband mended, painted and strengthened it and the Dude ADORED IT!

He was so flipping cute when he was little!

3) The bicycle seat

Found for $5 in a garage sale here in California, this has been by far my favourite method of cycling with him, primarily because he’s so close that we can chat really easily. He ADORED it and has been really comfortable in it, even sleeping in it. Alas there’s a 40lbs weight limit which he now exceeds and I’m not comfortable carrying him in it any more. The danger of tipping is too great. I’m heart-broken that these days are over.

Me Dude Cycling

4) The bike

Wow…we actually bought this new! The Dude’s little Trek bike was worth every dollar – we bought him a decent one so that he’d love riding, and it worked. He finally ditched the training wheels on New Year’s Day and hasn’t looked back.


However I’m very nervous about letting the Dude cycle on roads, no matter how quiet, which means that family bike rides would be limited to paved trails around the local area. So we wanted to find something that gave us more freedom to cycle as a family whilst still keeping the Dude safe. We had two options.

5) The tag-along

Rented in SF a few weeks ago, we liked this lots and considered buying one. My only concern was that we wanted this for longer trips when I’d do the bulk of the cycling…and his little bottom might get sore if we pushed it too far, plus he’d have to hold his body upright for longer periods of time.


And as of Saturday….

6) The Weehoo

I first saw this a few years ago and was fascinated by it. It has all the benefits of a tag-along but in a better set-up. The Dude is very securely strapped in and is lovely and comfy in his seat. He can pedal if he wishes, or rest if he doesn’t. It also comes with panniers for the inevitable pile of cr*p that having a child involves. We bought it second-hand from Craigslist on Friday for about $150 off the RRP at REI and are delighted with it. We took it out for a 6 mile spin on Saturday and it got the big thumbs-up from its small passenger. I found it a little scary and wobbly at first but by the end I was feeling a little more confident. I feel that with time I should get better at pulling it. It’s heavy…but everything is.

IMG_2714 IMG_2720

Do you think we like this?

I’ll do a proper review of the Weehoo when we’ve put some miles into it, but first impressions are good!

Between his bike and the Weehoo, we should be covered now for a few years. However I’m still dreaming of this, when he’s 8. He tells me he’ll still want to cycle with me when he’s 8! We’ll see, eh?

Just what I want, Husband, in case you read this. A yellow Bike Friday tandem.
Just what I want, Husband, in case you read this.
A yellow Bike Friday tandem.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Whaou ! Biking is already difficult on my own, so I don’t even know how you do it with someone else behind you. But it is such a cool thing to be able to do bike rides with all the family 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      It should be fun. It’s definitely heavy with the weehoo and a little wobbly (i’m still scared I’ll be pulled off my wheels and go crashing down) but I’m really excited about the new addition to the family. I love gear. 🙂

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