This week’s training

I have to be honest, I’ve struggled with motivation a little this week. It’s always the case in the week after a race, and more so this week for a couple of reasons.

1) It’s been Spring Break for the Dude and so the times I usually set aside for running have been taken up by hanging out with him, which is always awesome so I am not complaining.

2) Following Saturday’s race, I went down with a nasty cold and felt a bit grotty this week.

3) For the first time in a LONG time (2 years?) I don’t have a race in the diary to motivate me. My next signed-up-for race is a relay in Colorado in August – the next few months are all about the Husband’s IronMan training and our trip to the UK in June. It feels a little odd to be so aimless, I might need to do some thinking about it and find myself some sort of goal to work towards.

This week wasn’t void of running however.

Saturday: 10 mile trail race on Angel Island in 1.48 at 10.46 pace. 3rd in AG (old girls).


Sunday:  Rest day. Struck down with the Dude’s germs. Sat on the sofa and ate pizza all day, and watched the London Marathon coverage.Bought back many happy memories of the day I ran it and also made me sob at the wonderful story of the Bone Marrow donor and recipient who ran the marathon together. Watching the wheelchair athletes, the blind runners and Richard Whitehead on his blades was a wonderful opportunity to talk to the Dude about adversity and how you choose to handle it. I think this deep life lesson got lost in some ice-cream and paper aeroplanes.

Monday: Additional rest day due to germs.

Tuesday: 4.3 miles easy run at a 8.46 pace.

Surprisingly fast for someone so snotty (and period-y, sorry if TMI). It was the anniversary of the Boston bombings, and like runners everywhere I spent some time thinking, remembering and being grateful.

Wednesday: 3.5 mile bike ride with the Dude. Lots of fun.

Thursday: 6.3 miles steady run at 9.12 pace. Unremarkable.

pm – 1.8 mile hike at Wunderlich Park with the Dude and our friend.

wunderlich trails

And that, alas, was it. I feel a little sluggish and lazy, I’m getting right back into the groove next week! First, I aim to eat all the Easter chocolate. Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Grace says:

    Nice work on the Angel Island race! It’s perfectly normal to have a bit of a slump after a major race, I think. After my last marathon last year I spent a few months chilling out and running whatever suited me each day. As for this week, don’t fret – time with the kiddo is always time well spent. Happy Easter!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I’m always happy to have a rest week after a race, it just feels a little odd to have nothing coming up very soon!! And Happy Easter too x

  2. Jen says:

    Sorry to hear about your cold and slump-y week. Fancy doing a 5K with me in May?

    This part made me laugh: “…was a wonderful opportunity to talk to the Dude about adversity and how you choose to handle it. I think this deep life lesson got lost in some ice-cream and paper aeroplanes.” Oh, 4 year olds. 😉

    1. Cathryn says:

      Actually a May 5k may be ideal, it’s been a thought of mine. Let’s talk tomorrow.

  3. Maybe you should use this low running time to just rest your body. It can be good. You don’t stop running but you run without specific goals for a while.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I think you’re right…running for fun. A nice interlude in the summer.

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