What do runners do on a wet weekend?

It’s a good question. And after this weekend, I am qualified to answer it.

1) They spend too much time on social media.

(My favourite tweet of the weekend)

2) They buy new running shoes.

My right leg has been bothering me lately, with a dull ache along the shin, where I had shin splints last year. It’s not been bad and hasn’t affected my running but it’s been at the back of my mind. My current running shoes are stability shoes, as opposed to the super-cushioned neutral plus shoes I usually wear. I think they have been excellent for helping my ankle mend and get strong again, but I’ve been thinking for a while that I should buy a second pair for long runs. The Husband was also in the market for new shoes, so we set off to the running shop.

I tried on several pairs of shoes, including Hokas which I’ve heard loads about and was curious to try. I was surprisingly taken with them – they may look a little silly but they felt great, except maybe a little loose around the ankle. However when I tried on the Asics Nimbus, I felt like I’d come home! It was a pretty easy decision, especially when the sales guy casually told me he was nervous of Hokas as it would be so far to fall if he stumbled. Asics, sold to the girl with the gammy ankle.

My new shoes
My new shoes

3) They watch running movies

On Saturday night, we downloaded and watched the new documentary film about Kilian Jornet’s record-breaking ascent and descent of the Matterhorn. It was honestly brilliant – from the jaw-dropping opening shot to the moving finish. It’s only $14 to download (and keep forever) and is worth every penny. Watch it tonight, seriously!


4) They plan trips

This weekend, we booked flights for me and the Dude to the UK in June. I haven’t seen my parents since August so I’m pretty much beside myself about this! In addition, we started  planning our trip to watch and cheer for the Western States. We leave for that the day after we get back from the UK. Jet-lag be damned!

Hopefully June will be sunnier and warmer!
Hopefully June will be sunnier and warmer!

5) They register for races

Not me but the Husband, who casually signed up for a  triathlon in May and a Half-Ironman in June, both at Folsom Lake. He needs to practice putting the three disciplines together and practice transitions, so we’re off to the foothills!

6) And they run

Luckily, I got my long run in on Friday morning before the rain started. My run was very very unremarkable.  I had plans for a fun route but the night before, I ate too many black beans so had to reroute my run around the public bathrooms in my town. Sorry but it’s true. I felt pretty lackluster from the start and nearly bailed at one point, but sometimes you just need to churn those miles out. Not every run will make your heart soar, some will just make your legs sore. All in all, 12 miles in 1.52 at 9.22 pace.

Sunday dawned dry and sunny and in the afternoon I met up with my friend Louise to run trails at Edgewood. She’s running Angel Island with me – it will be her very first race and she’s been training like a champ, so we met up to run some hills (we both live in very flat towns). We had one of those super-cool runs when it’s just a load of fun. I haven’t run with Louise since November, and I was astonished at how much progress she’s made. She’s going to crush Angel Island. I was so proud of her. It was a brilliant run. 5.1 miles in 55 mins at 11 min pace. And the new shoes felt really good!

Edgewood Louise Trails
Happy girls!
Louise Edgewood Trails
Louise on Ridgeway Trail, my favourite in this park

And that was our weekend!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    Heh, I agree with the sales guy about Hokas — I am terrified of falling in them! They make me feel like I am wearing those giant platform stripper heels. Also, jealous that you got some running in this weekend, even if it was raining. Looks like it was a fun time!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I was surprisingly taken with them, I have to be honest. But the ankle twisting potential is just too risky! Hope you’re mending nicely, would be lovely to run with you soon.

  2. Jen says:

    Wow, so much excitement in one weekend!!
    I’d definitely consider Hokas if I was doing ultras. For anything shorter, I’d just feel like a poser. 😉

    1. Cathryn says:

      I didn’t feel that way – I’m a big fan of the old cushioning as you know and they felt really nice to run in. The whole Tutugate thing has made me even less fussed what other people think about what I wear when I run in. I was just scared of the altitude in them 🙂

      1. Jen says:

        Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t judge anyone else wearing Hokas for whatever distance! If it works for them, who am I to care? I’m just saying that for myself, personally, I don’t see need for that much cushioning unless I was doing an ultra.

      2. Cathryn says:

        I never thought you were judgey, I promise!!

  3. Fun weekend. I feel like the only one who has not heard of Hokas. I guess I can blame marathon training on that because if it doesn’t have to do with fuel, how to get in long runs and recovery I’m not thinking about it. Sounds like they are platformish shoes so knowing your recent ankle history I was say stay away! 😉

    1. Cathryn says:

      I agree…me and my gammy ankle will stay close to the ground.

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