A Week in my Shoes

Our fortnight’s dog sitting came to an end on Wednesday when Monty went home. We were sad to see him go but it’s rather loving not needing to pick up hot steaming poo any more! And the cat is triumphant!! What was nice about having the dog was the amount of walking we did – I’d forgotten how simply walking burns calories and gets a girl fit! I always underestimate it!!

This is how this week went down.


– Long Run of 12 miles at 8.56 pace.

Dog walking – 2 miles.

SaturdayDog walking – 3.5 miles


– Easy run of 3 miles with friends and the dog.

– 4 mile family hike at Sweeney Ridge

sweeney ridge hiking


– 4 miles intervals – overall pace 8.22

My first speed session since Hellyer. I did my usual intervals routine of 1/2 mile warm up, 12 x (1 min fast, 1 min recovery) and then jog to the end. I thought it would be horrific, having not done any speed work for a few weeks…but no, it was great. I die a little of shame, but the run was fueled by my Disney soundtrack...the minute Aladdin starts warbling that he can show me the world, my heart starts singing and my legs start soaring, tumbling and free-wheeling through an endless diamond sky!

Dog walking 2.6 miles.

Tuesday:  2 dog-walks totaling 3 miles.


– 6 miles trail running at Edgewood – 11.17 pace.

I REALLY loved this run. I know the park well now, and it was packed full of people hiking so I felt very safe and I just ran and ran. I packed in as much climbing as I could…including a couple of long, steady climbs preparing for the hills on Angel Island. My favourite bit was running on Ridgeway Trail where I must have seen 20 or 30 little lizards scurrying away into the undergrowth. My only concern was rattlesnakes sunning themselves, but didn’t see anything. Such a lovely run.

– Also, 1.5 mile hiking with the dog at Pulgas Ridge.

Views over the Bay
Views over the Bay

Wednesday’s run was also interesting because I tried using Strava for the first time. Anyone else got any thoughts on it? I used the Strava Run app and really liked it – it was easy to use, seemed to record the data pretty accurately. I’m not interested in the social media aspect of it, but I’ll keep trying the app out and see how I get on with it! I currently use Nike Plus (being a Garmin-less girl) which I quite like but I could be lured away. 

The other thing was that I got a slight shin-splinty ache this week. My current shoes don’t give as much cushioning as my preferred shoes and things ached that don’t usually ache. I switched back into my old Nikes for the Edgewood run and haven’t had any aching since. I’ll watch that carefully and get some new neutral plus shoes for longer runs if I feel I need that extra cushioning!! 

All proper bloggers post photos like this. I haven't done one for ages!
Lots of ankle support, not so much cushioning

And finally…this week, I made kale cupcakes. It felt like a perfect storm of California cuisine…it’s favourite vegetable and it’s favourite dessert! They actually turned out pretty well – so well that I ate most of them within 24 hours all by myself. PMT, people!! PMT! Anyway, you should try them…they were fun!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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  1. Angela says:

    Lol, there are some things I miss about having big dogs and some things I just, um, don’t.

    Kale in cupcakes?? Interesting! (As a spinach smoothie lover, I shouldn’t be surprised that that works.) Must try!

    1. Cathryn says:

      They were honestly pretty good. Probably due to the copious amount of sugar and fat in them. Those two ingredients tend to make things taste great!!

  2. Brianna says:

    Strava is a great running app! I started using it instead of Nike last year for runs when I didn’t use my Garmin. I find that I like just about everything about it more than Nike except you can’t play music through it so you have to go to the music app to change the song or playlist you are listening to. I feel good using it since it’s a local company and I look to use the cycling app when I ride my bike.
    My Garmin unfortunately died and won’t charge after 4 years and I am now trying out a Soleus GPS watch so I guess I will be using a lot of Strava in the future since it automatically sinks it’s data there!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I had some Strava issues on Saturday’s run – it miscalculated my distance by half a mile, and also had me running across water. Not being the son of God, I suspect there were some glitches somewhere. I really want to love it, so I’ll keep testing it but for the moment, I still prefer Nike Plus. Let me know how the Soleus watch works for you – I’m always thinking about buying a GPS watch!!

      1. Brianna says:

        Yea….. I find that all phone GPS apps are a little suspect. I used Nike Plus for NWM and it was off by over 1 mile by the time my phone went out at mile 24. I think they are good for a rough estimate of distance and time for an easy run. So far I am liking my Soleus. It took a little time to figure out how it works, but I think I got it now 🙂

      2. Cathryn says:

        I’ve never had particular issues with N+ which was why I was surprised by Strava. I’ll keep trying.

  3. I haven’t tried Strava but I’ve been using Wahoo when I run at work over lunch and I’m really enjoying it. Plus it uploads directly to TrainingPeaks, which is what my coach uses for our training plans, so that’s really nice.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I’ve had a few issues with Strava…it measured my Saturday long run incorrectly, and also told me I ran across water which (not being the son of God) I didn’t 🙂 I’ll keep testing it but at the moment, Nike Plus is winning. Which I didn’t expect.

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