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I am a very slow adopter of new technology. So slow. But last year, I got myself an iPhone which I like and loathe in equal measure. I can do SO much on my phone…but now I’m basically an addict! I ventured onto Twitter (@cathrynrunning) and very much like the way it’s helped me get to know other local runners. And in the past few months, I dipped my toes into the murky waters of Pinterest. I used it particularly for my style consultation (inspiration was so badly needed) and have managed to avoid it using it since. Result!

And then there’s Instagram.

I avoided Instagram for a long time because it seemed to be  all about 1970’s-style photos of everyone’s children. But then I gave it ago and honestly, I really love it.

Things I love about Instagram.

1) The filters. How they turn a mediocre photo into a cracking photo. How they turn a dodgy photo of one’s self into a decent photo of one’s self. Thanks Instagram.

I looked like death here before Instagram filtered me.
I looked like death here before Instagram filtered me.

2) The Inspiration

I have made such a long list of places to hike and run and cycle and visit from people’s Instagram photos. It’s a never-ending source of inspiration about what to do outdoors. (Or whatever you’re into.)

3) It’s not nasty

Twitter and Facebook can be nasty places. I’m sure Instagram can be nasty too as mankind seems able and willing to poison everything good, but waking up to an Instagram feed of beautiful pictures is actually really nice. I’ve not seen any bitching or bullying on Instagram.

4) Photo Challenges

This month, I’m taking part in Zooma Running’s Photo A Day challenge. Not for the prizes but simply because I loved the idea of being given a prompt every day and taking a great photo that encapsulates it. I  have been really enjoying doing it, it’s awoken a real pleasure in photography for me. These are a couple of the shots I’ve taken so far that I really like.

This week's gorgeous dog-walk at Arastradero Preserve
This week’s gorgeous dog-walk at Arastradero Preserve

However, it appears that in order to be cool (and popular) on Instagram, you need to post photos of grey, foggy landscapes (admittedly beautiful) and tag them #liveauthentic.  Apparently being authentic means wearing plaid, living in murky sky’d places and looking rustic. #iamsonotlivingauthentic


These are my favourite Instagrammers to follow:

@jojoreuland,  @jessicapatrice  @sfrunco– local running Instagrammers with gorgeous photos that make me want to run more.

@wisslaren – a Swedish guy who takes really amazing photos that make me want to travel.

@ thenaturephotographycompany – lovely photos of Wiltshire (aka Home) that make me a little homesick in a nice way.

@mattwilson73 – a UK trail-runner who posts gorgeous photos of trail running in the UK, something I’ve never really done.

@acoloradogal – Heather is the most outdoorsy person I’ve ever heard of and her Colorado photos are beautiful, especially when they’re taken by her photographer fiancé who is hugely talented.

Is anyone here on Instagram that I don’t follow? Let me know. And who are your favourite people to follow?

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  1. I LOVE Instagram. I don’t really like the new “hype” things, so always reluctant to try them (I don’t have a Twitter account… yet… I feel like I miss things without one, so I am thinking about joining soon). But, as I love photography, I went to Instagram soon enough (I think I started in 2012). It is not words, it’s photography, and that is why, I think, it seems more “pure” and nice. I like checking my feed in the morning. And, I don’t know, but with what the people choose to show and how they show it, you make yourself an idea of the person behind. I like that.

    1. Cathryn says:

      OUI!!! Yes to all that! It DOES feel purer and nicer, I totally agree. Who do you follow that you really like?

  2. Angela says:

    I actually signed up for an account AGES ago but have never posted or looked at the feed even once. (I don’t even remember my user name!) I think it was one of those things I felt pressured to do because everybody else was doing it, but then I sort of felt my soul starting to cave in under the thought of participating in even one more social media type thing (which is why I’m almost never on Twitter, actually). Though who knows, if I tried it, it might be more fun & less crushing than I’ve convinced myself it is.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I totally understand about the awfulness about ANOTHER social media outlet, I agree! What’s nice about Instagram (as Marjolaine says in her comment) is that it’s so nice…if you follow the right people you just get lovely photos of beautiful places. There’s been nothing on IG that’s made my heart sink, quite the opposite.

  3. Susie M says:

    I’ve only just got into Instagram but I love it, it’s much more uplifting than Facebook. Your ‘photo a day’ shots are great, I’m super jealous of your running routes over there. One of my IG faves is @cotswoldwildlifepark, check out the baby rhino!! @susieanna83

    1. Cathryn says:

      Aah, you’re the really cute bride! I love your profile pic on IG!!! I think I’ve been to that wildlife centre, my Grandma lives in Cheltenham!

  4. I love instagram. I find myself putting more things there than anywhere else because I love the visual images. I have tried the daily photo challenges but unfortunately I can never seem to finish them but they are fun to see what others post too. Yeah for us slow technology people. 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      What’s your IG name? I’d love to follow you!!

      1. slarge59 Come along for my IG ride. I followed you earlier today. Can’t wait to see all the fun pics that will help me remember warmer weather is on the way!

      2. Cathryn says:

        I found you x

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